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10 Best Shock Collars for Medium Dogs

10 Best Shock Collars for Medium Dogs

Choosing a dog is all about preference. You choose the color, breed, behavior, and size. Some prefer small breeds, while others prefer large. But some breeds in the middle are perfectly right – medium-sized dog breeds.

Dogs weighing between 24 to 55 pounds usually fall in the medium-size category. They are one of the most popular breeds in America. The Labrador Retriever, a medium to large breed, has been voted America’s favorite dog for over 30 years.

Dogs love physical activity. This is how they keep themselves healthy- mentally and physically. Most medium-breed dogs are hunters or herders. They are high in energy and require a lot of walking activities. Managing their physical and mental wellness is vital in this breed size. A lack of physical and mental activities may lead to some behavioral issues.

Popular medium-sized dog breeds include the Siberian Husky, Labrador Retriever, Australian Shepherd, German Shorthaired Pointer, Collie, and Bulldog. Medium size dogs share some common characteristics.

  1. They love to walk.

Regardless of dog size and age, regular exercise is essential. Medium-sized dogs need 40 to 80 minutes of walking daily. Walking is a simple way to keep your furry best friends healthy and fit. This can also be a way to bond with them while burning some of your calories.

  1. They are working dogs.

Herding is the ability to move and control herds of livestock. Most herding dogs are medium in size because these breeds typically love to walk and have high energy. It is essential to know if your dog's breed has a history of herding. They need ample levels of activities daily. But with the proper training and best dog training collars, they can be great pets and working dogs.

Given that medium-sized dogs are energetic and love physical activities, it is best to maximize these traits. They can be enrolled in some basic to complex behavioral dog training. They are also fit for working activities such as herding and retrieving. It is also recommended that you purchase some tools to help them with their training.

There are a lot of dog training collars or e-collars that are available online. These are PetsTEK’s top picks for the best e-collar for medium dogs.

What is an E Collar for Medium Dogs?

Labrador Retriever Wearing E-Collar

An ecollar, commonly called a shock collar or remote training collar, is a dog training collar. A set usually includes a remote transmitter that sends the signal and a collar receiver that receives it. The collar goes around your dog’s neck. It receives the stimulation triggered by the transmitter. The stimulation is usually in the form of static, hence the term “dog shock collar.” However, modern e-collars also have vibration and tone alternatives to static stimulation.

There are many kinds of e collars. There are remote trainers used for correcting or reinforcing the behavior. These are what people usually have in mind when thinking of an e collar for medium dogs. But there are also no bark collars for medium dogs with barking issues and e-collars for e-fences used for containment.

Here we list the best shock collars for medium dogs to help you in basic behavior and obedience training.

PetsTEK's Picks for the Best Dog Shock Collars for Medium Dogs

1. The Educator ET-400 Dog Training Collar

The Educator ET-400 Remote Training Collar

The Educator ET-400 dog training collar by E-Collar Technologies helps you and your dog communicate better. This e-collar includes a wide range of features, including 100 selectable levels of static stimulation and up to 60 levels of boost. It also comes with a "Lock and Set" safety feature to prevent accidental shocks.

Like the highly popular Mini Educator ET-300 remote training collar, the Educator ET-400 also has a best-fit remote that is great for one-hand operation. The ergonomic remote is waterproof and floats in the water, so you can even take it with you during outings that include water activities. With the lost transmitter mode, you can conveniently trace the transmitter it it gets lost.

With additional tone and vibration functions, the ET-400 is one of the most humane Educator collars available today.

Buy the Educator ET-400 remote training collar

2. Boss Educator ET-800 Remote Dog Training Collar

The Boss Educator ET-800 Remote Training Collar

The Boss Educator ET-800 comes with static or shock stimulation, vibration, and tone. Used properly, this Educator collar provides effective correction for medium dogs weighing 20 pounds or more. The Boss Educator ET-800 has a range of up to one (1) mile. You can conveniently train from home and the backyard but still have more than adequate range to take your dog to wider fields.

The Boss Educator ET-800 is expandable to a 2-Dog system with the purchase of additional collars. You can even purchase different colored skins if the standard black is not to your liking.

Buy the Boss Educator ET-800 remote training collar

3. Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

Dogtra shock collars are highly dependable and reliable. The Dogtra 1900S is no exception. It fits medium-sized dogs perfectly. This Dogtra collar is best for pet obedience, hunting, competitions trial, and K9. It is also weatherproof and waterproof, great for any indoor or outdoor activities.

The Dogtra 1900S has a ¾ mile range, 127 low to high stimulation levels, and high-performance pager vibration.

Buy the Dogtra 1900S remote training collar

4. Dogtra 2300NCP Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 2300NCP Remote Training Collar

The Dogtra 2300NCP e-collar is a professional favorite. This is effective for competition training and K-9 work. You can also use it as a hunting dog collar. The 2300NCP ecollar is great for off-leash training.

This Dogtra collar makes training more manageable with its ¾ mile range and 127 stimulation levels. This also has three training modes: nick, constant, and pager vibration. Suitable for dogs 35 pounds and up.

Buy the Dogtra 2300NCP remote training collar

5. Dogtra 280C Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 280C Remote Training Collar

The Dogtra 280C is the big brother of the popular 200C model. It includes all fundamental features for dog training in an ultra-compact build that is best for dogs 10 pounds and up. With its waterproof transmitter and receiver, you will be able to train your dogs in any environment and weather. This is also recommended for walks in the park, outdoor activities, and yard play because of its ½ mile range.

It includes 127 low to medium stimulation levels, 3 training modes, and a battery status indicator. Suitable for dogs that are 8 pounds and up.

Buy the Dogtra 280C remote training collar

6. DogWatch Big Leash S-15 Remote Trainer

DogWatch S15 Remote Training Collar

The DogWatch Big Leash S-15 is safe and easy to use. Recommended for basic to intermediate dog training, the Big Leash e-collar is one of the best dog training collars to keep your dog’s behavior in check while with a house guest or during an outdoor activity.

It has a ½ mile range, includes 15 levels of stimulations, and has 4 signal options, including vibration, tone, brief and continuous. It comes with the DogWatch In-touch two-way communication feature, a night light, is fully waterproof, and expandable up to 2-dogs system. This can fit dogs that are 8 pounds and up.

Buy the BigLeash S-15 Remote Trainer by DogWatch

7. SportDog SD-425X FieldTrainer Remote Training Collar

Sportdog SD-425X FieldTrainer Remote Training Collar

SportDog makes great dog hunting collars. But really, the best thing about SportDog shock collars is they’re not only best for hunting dogs, they’re also good dog training collars. The SportDog 425X Field Trainer is one such example.

The SportDog Field Trainer 425X is the smallest and lightest among SportDog e collars. Whether using the SportDog collar for field training or hunting, it gets the job done.

The 425X SportDog e-collar has a 500-yard range, 21 levels of static stimulation, and 7 training modes. The handheld remote transmitter is user-friendly, with buttons conveniently placed for ease of operation. This SportDog e collar is also waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet.

Buy the Field Trainer 425X by SportDog

8. SportDog SD-425X Camo Wetland Hunter Remote Training Collar

SportDog SD-425XCamo WetlandHunter Remote Training Collar

So, maybe this is a little bit like cheating because the Camo version of the 425X has much of the same features as the FieldTrainer mentioned above. But we just need to include it in the list because of that very nice camouflage pattern design. It's an e-collar that is particularly fitting in waterfowl hunting environments.

Buy the SportDog 425XCamo remote training collar

9. SportDOG SD-1225X SportHunter Remote Training Collar

SportdDg SD-1225X SportHunter Remote Training Collar

The SD-1225X SportHunter is a highly versatile e-collar from the SportDog brand. It is ideal for basic dog training but is flexible enough to handle even more advanced training. This can be used in your field and dog hunting skill training. This SportDog ecollar is also customizable to fit any dog’s size and behavior.

The 1225X SportDog ecollar provides a 3/4 -mile range, includes 21 static stimulation levels, and has 7 levels of momentary static stimulation. It also comes with a tone feature and vibration mode. The remote trainer is fully waterproof and expandable to a 3-dogs system with the purchase of compatible add-on collars. This can fit dogs 8 pounds and up with neck sizes from 5 inches to 22 inches.

Buy the 1225X SportHunter by SportDog

10. SportDOG SD-1825X SportsHunter Remote Training Collar

SportDog SD-1825X SportHunter Remote Training Collar

The SportDOG SD-1825X SportsHunter is another excellent dog hunting collar. It has easy-to-use features that even first-time users can navigate. This e-collar is adjustable to any dog size, and you can switch to other settings quickly.

It has a 1-mile range, includes 14 pre-set transmitter modes, 21 levels of continuous static stimulation, 7 levels of momentary stimulations, vibration, and tone options, and is fully waterproof. This is expandable up to a 6-dogs system and can fit dogs 8 pounds and up. Its collar can be adjusted to fit neck sizes from 5 inches to 22 inches.

Buy the SportDog SD-1825X SportsHunter remote training collar


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