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8 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the US

8 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the US

Dogs have quite a reputation in the animal kingdom. These loyal, four-legged companions are much-loved by humans and have quickly taken the title of "Man's Best Friend."

Among the varieties of dogs, though, there will always be superstars. The entire species is generally playful, cheerful, and lovable. But who amongst them shines the brightest?

We're listing down the top ten most popular dog breeds in America. Could your pet be on the list?

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are medium to large dogs. Males usually stand between 22.5-24.5 inches, while females grow as high as 21.5-23.5 inches. They weigh around 65-80 pounds for males and 55-70 pounds for females. Its average lifespan is 10-12 years.

Labradors are intelligent, affectionate, and even-tempered. They are kid-friendly, playful and they quickly get along with strangers and other pets. Gentle and sweet labs have held the top spot in the popular list since 1991.

However, labs may not be the best bet if you're looking for a guard dog. This breed is very friendly and easy to get along with. They are more suitable to be trained in water and marathon games.

Labrador Retriever Stats Infographic

2. French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are considered medium dogs ranging from 11-13 inches in height and can weigh up to 28 pounds and live up to 10-12 years.

This breed has consistently held the second spot in the most popular list due to its affection for its owner and other pets. They are a playful breed that's very open to strangers. Loved for their bat-like ears and pig-like bodies, Frenchies are suitable for children, especially the young ones.

While not aggressive by nature, they can be rough and violent if not properly trained. Supporting them with e-collars in their training will benefit them.

French Bulldog Stats Infographic

3. German Shepherd Dog

An all-purpose worker with a noble character, that's a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) in a nutshell. They are steady, confident, loyal, and courageous. It is a highly intelligent breed with the ability to learn multiple tasks.

GSDs are a favorite among law enforcement. They make excellent guard dogs and have a reputation for risking its life in defense of family and loved ones.

An average German Shepherd stands at 24-26 inches for males and 22-24 inches for females. A large dog can weigh from 65-90 pounds (male) and 50-70 pounds (female), respectively.

German Shepherd Stats Infographic

4. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers stands among America's favorite dogs.

Initially developed in Scotland during the 19th century, Goldens are a beautiful breed.

They retain their childhood behavior and traits well into adulthood. They are serious field workers and good at hunting. They are also fantastic for taking good care of the elders and guiding dogs for the blind. They perform exceptionally well in search and rescue operations because, as their name suggests, they love to "retrieve" others, whether human or animal.

Known for its lustrous gold fur, expressive eyes, and tail that expresses happiness, golden retrievers love outdoor activities. This highly active breed loves to swim, fetch, and run. They love spending time with their owners and joining events for agility and obedience.

Golden Retrievers are medium dogs that can grow from 23-24 inches (male) and 21.5-22.5 inches (female). The average weight is between 65-75 pounds (male) and 55-65 pounds (female). They can live up to 12 years and are highly trainable.

Golden Retriever Stats Infographic

5. Bulldogs

Sociable and sweet, bulldogs also have a reputation for being good watchdogs. Also known as English Bulldog or British Bulldog, this breed is friendly, belying its intimidatingly bulky appearance. They are a lover and not a fighter- but they are dignified. They are friendly, easy-going, and can get along with everyone.

With the breed's signature wrinkled face and pushed-in nose, it's a charming breed much loved by America.

Bulldogs are medium dogs that can be as heavy as 50 pounds and stands around 14-15 inches. They may look slow and lazy, but they love brisk walking and medium to heavy exercises. They seldom bark and make noise.

Bulldog Stats Infographic 

6. Poodles

The poodle shines among dogdom whether it is the Standard, Miniature, or Toy breed. The national dog of France, this breed got its name from the German word Pudel or Pudelin, meaning "to splash in the water." They are athletic, very smart, eager, and versatile. Poodles are also active and highly trainable.

Poodles can be trained using different devices such as dog training collars. You may also find that a no bark collar is particularly helpful as this breed loves making noise. They can grow as tall as 15 inches and as heavy as 60-70 pounds (male standard) and 40-50 pounds (female standard). They can live up to 18 years - longer than many other breeds.

Poodle Stats Infographic

7. Beagles

Beagles are affectionate, loving, and cheerful. These are just some of the reasons why the breed always makes it to the popular list. This small dog is almost too friendly. You cannot depend on them as guard dogs!

Beagles have a short coat that doesn't require frequent grooming. They stand up to 13 inches high, with some varieties between 13 and 15 inches. They weigh under 20 pounds (13 inches & under) or 20-30 pounds (13-15 inches). Their lifespan is from 10 to 15 years.

They are quite playful and can make a lot of noise when left alone. If you live in a city or are surrounded by neighbors, you need to consider their barking behavior. You can minimize their barking by providing something to chew on or purchasing a no bark collar. 

Beagle Stats Infographic

8. Dachshund

Bold, ever-alert, and long are the famous characteristics of Dachshunds. Although you probably hear them called "hotdog" or "wiener dog" more often. They are the superstars of the canine family. Dachshunds are small dogs with a big-dog bark.

The Dachshund was originally bred as hunters of wild prey. Despite their small stature, they are intelligent and vigilant, making them rather fine watchdogs. Bright but with an independent nature, this brave breed can sometimes be a bit stubborn. They can also be too playful and will require patience in training them. Providing them with a good training collar might help them achieve their training goals quickly.

They can range from 8-9 inches (standard) or 5-6 inches (miniature) in height and can be as heavy as 16-32 pounds (standard) or 11 pounds & under (miniature). They can live up to 12-16 years.

Dachshund Stats Infographic

Dogs make fantastic pets. That doesn't mean it's all roses and rainbows, though. Despite being lovable goofballs in general, you may also find some dog behaviors that need management and training. Some breeds can be loud, for example. Some are quicker to train, while others may be more stubborn.

Basic obedience training will help make your and your dog's lives easier and more fulfilling. And as we always say with dogs, training never stops. Once they know basic obedience commands, take time to reinforce their knowledge. You may also find that it's the perfect time to teach them intermediate and more advanced commands. In this regard, remote training e collars have been proven to help tremendously level their skills.

PetsTEK's Picks

If you're looking for the best remote dog training e collar for your German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador, or other medium to large breeds, you can't go wrong with these e collars:

1. Boss Educator ET-800 Remote Dog Training Collar Black by E-Collar Technologies

E-Collar Technologies ET-800 The Boss Remote Training Collar

Best for large dogs, this remote training collar provides effective correction. It comes with various correction options, including static, vibration, and tone. With a 1-mile range, this e collar can go from the backyard to your local park to fields without a sweat. Comes with 1-60 levels of additional boost for more stubborn and easily distracted dogs.  

2. Dogtra - 1900S - 3/4 Mile - Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

A favorite among e collar enthusiasts, the dependable Dogtra 1900S is ideal for medium-sized dogs. This is a highly durable remote training collar that's easy to use, whether you are a professional or amateur dog trainer. This is good for obedience training in the yard and field training for working dogs.

The 1900S also comes in a variety of options to match exactly what your dog needs.

For small to medium-sized dogs or those with a more sensitive temperament, we recommend –

3. Dogtra - ARC - 3/4 Mile - Remote Training Collar

Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar

The Dogtra ARC remote training e collar has 127 stimulation levels. With a low to medium power output, it's perfect for small- to medium-sized dogs like the Beagle. The ¾-mile range is best for basic yard and obedience training. This e-collar is also expandable and can handle up to two dogs from the same transmitter remote with the purchase of an add-on Dogtra collar.

The Dogtra ARC also comes in a handsfree version.

4. Mini Educator ET-300 Remote Dog Training Collar Black by E-Collar Technologies

Educator Collar ET-300 Black Remote Training Collar

Educator collars remain a favorite among trainers and pet owners, regardless of dog breed size. For small and medium breeds, you can't go wrong with a Mini Educator ecollar. The ET-300 remote training collar in black comes with everything you'd expect from a good remote training collar - static stimulation, vibration, and tone in an ergonomic, easy-to-use, and waterproof transmitter. This Mini Educator dog collar also comes in yellow and a very cool zen design.

5. Dogtra - 200NCPT - 1/2 Mile - Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 200NCPT Remote Training Collar Petstek Edition

Dogtra is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to dog training. A Dogtra shock collar is highly reliable and durable, just like the Dogtra 200NCPT Remote Training Collar PetsTEK Edition. It comes with static, vibration, and tone. You'd be sure to find the stimulation that works best for your small and medium dogs.

Finally, for very small-sized dogs and tiny toy breeds, we recommend –

6. Micro Educator ME-300 Remote Training Collar by E-Collar Technologies

ME-300 Micro Educator by E-Collar Technologies

Coming in a lovely purple color that's somehow just fits the vibe of tiny dogs and toy breeds, this E-Collar Technologies collar has a 1/3-mile range, 100 levels of static stimulation, and tone. It also comes with a vibration option. Highly recommended for dogs 5 pounds and up. This remote training collar also comes in a 2-dog version

Here is our top no bark collar picks for dogs that tend to bark a lot.

Best no bark collar for small dogs like Toy Poodles, French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, and Beagles

1. Dogtra - YS200 - No Bark Collar

Dogtra YS200 No Bark Collar

Recommended for dogs 10 pounds and up, the YS200 is the smallest no bark collar from Dogtra. It has low to medium intensity levels and a bark recognition sensor. It detects the vibration of your dog's barks. Once triggered, it will release a static correction to stop your dog from barking.

2. Dogtra – YS300 – No Bark Collar

Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar

The YS300 is designed for small (or medium) dogs with sensitive and normal temperaments. It features a self-activating sound analysis technology that recognizes your dog's barks and responds to them only. If you live in a noisy neighborhood or have other dogs in the household, this is a great, fuss-free, and safe no bark collar.

Best no bark dog collar for medium dogs like Standard Poodles and Terriers

1. Dogtra – YS600 - No Bark Collar

Dogtra YS600 No Bark Collar

Suitable for dogs 35 pounds and up, the YS600 has 10 stimulation levels and a High-Performance pager. It's fully waterproof and will help eliminate unwanted barking using its highly accurate bark sensor. This is power in a small package.

2. E-Collar Technologies – BP-504 – Barkless Pro Anti Bark Collar – No Bark Collar

E-Collar Technologies BP-504 Barkless Pro No Bark Collar

E-Collar Technologies' lone no bark collar model is always popular among dog owners. The BP-504 Barkless Pro Anti Bark Collar has 9 static stimulation levels, 3 sensitivity levels, an automatic mode, and an optional warning tone. While great for medium-sized dogs, it can also work well for smaller breeds, just cut the collar strap to fit!

Best no bark collar for large dogs like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and Rottweilers

1. DogWatch- BT-7 No-Bark Trainer - No Bark Collar

DogWatch BT-7 Bark Trainer No Bark Collar

The BT-7 comes with a bark forgiveness feature, meaning it will not automatically correct your dog once they start barking. There is a short delay before it activates. This feature allows the bark collar to differentiate between a single bark and incessant, nonstop barking. If you're worried that a bark collar will stop your large dog completely from barking, this is the e collar to get.

2. SportDOG – SBC-R – NoBark – No Bark Collar

SportDOG SBC-R No Bark Collar

SportDog's SBC-R No Bark e collar has 10 levels of static stimulation and 3 programmable training modes. It has a rechargeable battery and is fully waterproof. But perhaps the best thing about it is the Silent Partner™ Bark Detection Technology feature that filters out all the background noise. That means a correction is issued only when the collar detects your pet's unique bark.


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