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5 Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs

5 Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs

America agrees - small dogs are great. In 2015, the French Bulldog cracked the top ten most popular dog breeds in the US for the first time in over a century. The scrunch-nosed breed is currently sitting securely at #2. Fellow small breeds, the Poodle, Beagle, and Dachshund, are all in the top ten, with the Corgi falling just a bit short at #11.

Small has been the most popular dog size in the country since 2008, with at least half of dog-owning households preferring tiny canines. With the rise of the small dog comes challenges unique to these cute pets.

  1. Smaller dogs are usually more territorial.

What small dogs lack in size, they seem to make up for in personality. These tiny pooches won’t hesitate to protect their owners. They do not think twice about dissuading intruders inside the property or house. Unfortunately, this territorial attitude is also why small breeds are usually harder to train.

  1. Small dogs tend to be less obedient.

Small dogs do not respond well to commands, directions, and training. This may be on you, though. Research shows a typical small dog owner does not give their dog’s behavior much attention. After all, it’s easy to just pick their dog up to stop them from doing something naughty.

This, however, makes correcting undesirable behavior and controlling your pet much harder.

So, yes. Small dogs are cute and fun. But they can also be annoying. Thankfully, unwanted behavior can be fixed. And just like their bigger counterparts, small dogs can also be trained for agility, herding events, earth dog trials, and tracking dog sports.

The key is proper and consistent training and the right dog training tools.

This is where a dog training e-collar will come in handy.

What is an E Collar for Small Dogs?

Cartoon of Small Gray Dog with Remote Training Collar

An e collar, commonly called a shock collar or remote training collar, is a dog training collar. A set consists of a remote transmitter and a collar receiver. The collar goes on your dog’s neck. It receives the stimulation triggered by the transmitter. The stimulation is usually in the form of static, hence the term “shock collar.” However, most modern e-collars also have vibration, tone, or both as alternatives to static.

There are many kinds of ecollars – from remote trainers to no bark collars to e-collars for e-fences. Here we list the 5 best shock collars for small dogs to help you in basic behavior and obedience training.

PetsTEK’s Picks for the Best Shock Collar for Small Dogs

  1. ME-300 Micro Educator Remote Dog Training Collar
Micro Educator ME-300 Remote Training Collar by E-Collar Technologies

Made by E-Collar Technologies, the Micro Educator ME-300 is best for small dogs with big personalities. This e collar is 20% smaller and lighter than the rest of the Educator collar line-up. It offers lesser stimulation making it ideal for tiny dogs.

The Micro Educator ME-300 comes with a small ergonomic remote control with purple skin. It has a 1/3-mile range, includes 100 levels of adjustable static stimulation, 60 levels of boost, and a tone option. This fully waterproof system is also expandable to a 2-dog system with the purchase of additional collars. The Micro Educator is suitable for dogs 5 pounds and up.

  1. The Mini Educator ET-300 Remote Dog Training Collar
Mini Educator ET-300 Remote Training Collar by E-Collar Technologies

The ET-300 Mini Educator remote training collar is the little brother to the ET-400 Educator. It is arguably the most popular among Educator shock collars, a favorite among pet owners and trainers alike.

This remote trainer has a unique remote transmitter compared to other e-collars. Instead of the more common rectangular shape, the Mini Educator has a round remote mimicking a stopwatch shape, making it easier to hold for one-handed operation.

It comes with 100 levels of static stimulation, so it’s easier to find just the right level that your dog responds to. But perhaps the best thing about it is the extra 60 levels of boost. It’s perfect for when your dog is very stubborn or in high-distraction situations.

This e-collar can take your dog training from your backyard to the local park with no issues. You can even take your dog on a boat and not worry about the remote training collar having problems. Both the transmitter and receiver are waterproof. The remote floats in water, so dropping it won’t spell the end of training.

The ET-300 Mini Educator comes in yellow, black, and an Educator Zen 300 variant. You can also buy extra skin sets if you prefer a different color remote. Like the Micro Educator, the Mini is also expandable to a 2-Dog system with the purchase of additional collars.

  1. Dogtra 200C Remote Training E-Collar
Dogtra 200C Remote Training Collar

No best shock collars for small dogs list will be complete without a Dogtra shock collar. Dogtra is a popular and reliable dog training collar brand. Living up to expectation is the Dogtra 200C. This Dogtra shock collar is perfect for basic behavior training and suitable for dogs with mild to medium temperaments. It is an excellent option for entry-level fieldwork and obedience training.

The Dogtra 200C has a ½-mile range, 100 stimulation levels, and a high-performance pager. It’s a fully waterproof remote training collar and is also available in a 2-dogs variant. Fit dogs that are small as 10 pounds.

  1. SD-425X SportDog FieldTrainer
SportDog Brand SD-425X FieldTrainer Remote Training Collar

The SD-425X dubbed the FieldTrainer is one of the smallest shock collars by SportDog. This e-collar is designed for hassle-free control. It is recommended for field training and hunting with close-working dogs. It is suitable for sporting breeds.

The SD-425X remote trainer has a 500-yard range, 21 levels of static stimulation, vibration, and tone options. Expandable for up to 3 dogs. Can fit dogs 8pounds and up.

  1. Dogtra 200NCPT Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 200NCPT Remote Training Collar PetsTEK Edition

The Dogtra 200NCPT is excellent for safe and effective basic behavior training or fieldwork. This collar can help you control your dogs without limiting their freedom.

This has a ½-mile range, 100 levels of static stimulation, an audible tone, and is fully waterproof. For small to medium dogs from 12 pounds and up.

Honorable Mention: Dogtra CUE

Dogtra CUE Remote Training Collar 

The Dogtra CUE remote trainer is the latest addition to the Dogtra e-collar lineup. Currently only available through Amazon, this 400-yard collar has a 400-yard range, 24 levels of static stimulation, vibration, and a carabiner-design remote transmitter. The receiver is convertible for a vertical or horizontal fit, making it flexible for any dog size.

    Your small dogs are born with a natural attitude. Changing these behaviors for the better will depend on you and your dog training methods. Tiny terrors can become well-mannered pets with consistency, patience, and proper training.



    • Hello Frank,

      What e-collar model do you have right now? You can also check out our product catalog for a list of compatible collars. Let us know.

      - PetsTEK Team
    • I have the outfit from my older dog but I need a small collar to mount the monitor.

      - Frank Dominic Orbin
    • Hello @ML Williford. If you’re looking for an e-collar for your Jack Russel dog, we recommend ET-300 or 200C. Both e-collars have up to 100 stimulation levels, and that should be enough to find the perfect level for your pet. However, since e-collars are reinforcement tools, your dog should know some basic commands before using the collar to them. The e-collar is used to divert your dog’s attention whenever they exhibit aggression (or before they behave improperly). Hope this helps.

      - PetsTEK Team
    • I have a VERY strong behavior issue JRT, need a strong e-collar. What is the strongest e-collar available? On the market. Been in dogs for 30 yrs and this is my first to not be able to stop aggression towards my other dogs

      - ML Williford

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