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8 Best Shock Collars for Large Dogs

8 Best Shock Collars for Large Dogs

Large-sized dogs are the most recognizable breeds in America. In fact, a large breed, the Labrador Retriever, has been at the top of the popular list for the last three decades.

While big dogs can be intimidating in size, most of them are incredibly obedient, cooperative, gentle, sweet, and playful. They are also some of the hardest-working breeds. They make great companions for people who love sports, hiking, and activities. They are also best if you need daily huge hugs and big warm greetings from work or your daily activities.

Dog with Tongue Out

Large dogs typically weigh from 55 pounds to 100 pounds depending on their breed. Some of the most known breeds are English Mastiff, St. Bernard, Black Russian Terrier, and Great Dane.

Given their size, you must consider your space, your budget, and how to maintain their grooming and health. Some studies suggest large dogs take a longer time to reach maturity, both physical and mental. It is essential to give them the utmost care while there are still growing. Their space must be sufficient for their size. The larger your dog is, the more space it needs. The cost of their food and their grooming maintenance is also expensive. They require more extensive amounts of food and toys and bigger crates.

When it comes to training large dogs, it should be done during their growing years. This will help minimize or eliminate unwanted habits while they are still small. You do not want them to have a bigger attitude than their size. Their size typically outweighs their owners, and controlling them can be challenging if they are not adequately trained.

A remote training collar can come in handy when it comes to basic dog training. These nifty dog training collars can even grow with your dog, letting you go from simple to more complex activities without spending on more gadgets and tools.

But what are remote trainers, and how can they help train your large dog?

What is an E-Collar for Large Dogs?

An e-collar is also popularly known as a shock collar or remote training collar. Simply put, it is a dog training collar. A set includes a remote transmitter. This sends a signal to the collar receiver around the dog’s neck. When the signal is received, stimulation is triggered. The stimulation is usually in the form of static, hence the term “dog shock collar.” Modern e-collars also have vibration and tone alternatives to static stimulation.

There are many kinds of e collars. Remote trainers are used for correcting or reinforcing the behavior. These are what people usually have in mind when thinking of an e collar for large dogs. There are also no bark collars for large dogs with barking issues and ecollars that pair with e-fences used for containment.

PetsTEK lists the best shock collars for large dogs to help you in basic behavior and obedience training.

PetsTEK Picks for the Best Shock Collars for Large Dogs

1. Boss Educator ET-800 Remote Dog Training Collar

The Boss Educator ET-800 Remote Training Collar

E-Collar Technologies is famous for its Mini Educator ET-300. With its distinctive yellow, stopwatch-style remote, it has captured the attention of pet owners and trainers everywhere. It even comes in a black and an Educator Zen 300 variants. But Educator didn't forget big dogs.

For dogs that are larger than life, there's the  Boss Educator ET-800. It comes with:

  • static or shock stimulation
  • vibration
  • tone

Used properly, this Educator collar provides effective correction for medium and large dogs weighing 20 pounds or more. Train from your backyard but have enough leeway to go further as the Boss Educator ET-800 comes with a range of up to one (1) mile.

The Boss Educator ET-800 is also expandable to a 2-dog system with the purchase of additional collars and even has extra skins available should you wish for a different colored remote.

Buy the ET-800 Boss Educator

2. SportDog SD-425X FieldTrainer Remote Training Collar

SportDog SD-425X Remote Training Collar

SportDog makes great dog hunting collars. But really, the best thing about SportDog shock collars is they’re not only best for hunting dogs, they’re also good dog training collars. The SportDog 425X Field Trainer is one example.

The SportDog Field Trainer 425X is the smallest and lightest among SportDog e collars. But don’t let the small size turn you off. This SportDog collar gets the job done, regardless of your dog’s size.

The 425X SportDog e-collar features:

  • 500-yard range
  • 21 levels of static stimulation
  • 7 training modes

The handheld remote transmitter is user-friendly, with buttons conveniently placed for ease of operation. The SportDog 425X e collar is also waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet.

Buy the SportDOG 425X FieldTrainer

3. SportDOG SD-1825XCamo Wetlandhunter Remote Training Collar

 SportDog SD-1825X Camo WetlandHunter Remote Training Collar Set

The SportDOG SD-1825X Camo WetlandHunter is another excellent dog hunting collar. This e-collar is versatile and can go from cliffs to wetlands and prairies with no problem. It is easy enough to use even for first-time dog shock collar users. It is adjustable to any dog size, and you can switch to other settings quickly.

It has:

  • 1-Mile Range
  • Realtree Max-5 Camouflage Design
  • 21 Levels of Continuous Static Stimulation
  • 7 Levels of Momentary Stimulation
  • Vibration
  • Tone Option

It’s also a fully waterproof system that’s expandable up to a 6-dogs system.

Buy the SportDOG SD-1825X Camo WetlandHunter

4. Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

Dogtra collars are known for their versatility and durability. The 1900S Remote Training Collar fits that to a T. This e-collar can train your dog for hunting and obedience. Trainers even use it for training dogs for competition and K9 work.

The Dogtra 1900S remote dog training collar is fully waterproof and weatherproof, handling high summer temperatures, heavy rains, and cold winter conditions.

The Dogtra 1900S has:

  • ¾-Mile Range
  • 127 Levels of Low-High Nick and Constant Static Stimulation
  • Non-Stimulating High-Performance Pager

Buy the Dogtra 1900S

5. Dogtra 200NCPT Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 200NCPT PetsTEK Edition Remote Training Collar

The Dogtra 200NCPT PetsTEK Edition Remote Training Collar is recommended for basic obedience training. This dog training e-collar is best for new pet owners and beginners to e-collar training because it’s highly intuitive and easy to use.

The 200NCPT e collar comes with:

  • ½-Mile Range
  • 100 Levels of Low-High Static Stimulation
  • Audible Tone
  • Vibration
  • Waterproof

Buy Dogtra 200NCPT PetsTEK Edition

6. Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar

Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar

Another Dogtra e-collar that makes our list of best ecollars for large dogs is the Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar. Like any Dogtra shock collar, the ARC is an effective tool for teaching dogs basic commands when used correctly. The best thing about this e collar is it is designed to perfectly fit your dog’s neck with its arc-shaped design.

This has:

  • ¾-Mile Range
  • 127 Levels of Static Stimulation

The low to medium power output makes it ideal for large breeds more sensitive to static stimulation.

Buy Dogtra ARC

7. Pro Educator PE-900 by E-Collar Technologies

The Pro Educator PE-900 by E-collar Technologies is recommended for professional trainers and regular dog owners alike. This is a very modern tool that includes everything you need for basic to advanced training.

The PE-900 Pro Educator collar comes with:

  • ½-Mile Range
  • 100 Levels of User-Adjustable Static Stimulation
  • 6 Selectable Levels of Vibration
  • 3 Selectable Tones
  • 2 Ramping Modes

The PE-900 Pro Educator e-collar is expandable up to a 3-dog system.

Buy the Pro Educator PE-900

8. Easy Educator EZ-900 Remote Training Collar

Easy Educator EZ-900 Remote Training Collar

The Easy Educator EZ-900 remote training collar is an exceptional modern remote trainer like the Pro Educator collar.

This Educator e-collar has:

  • ½-Mile Range
  • 100 Levels of Static Stimulation
  • 5 Stimulation Modes
  • 7 Vibration Levels
  • 4 Types of Tone with Volume Control

The EZ Educator is expandable to a 2-dog, 3-dog, or 4-dog system.

Buy Easy Educator EZ-900

Large dogs have huge attitudes. Start dog training while they’re young, and you’ll reap the big love these breeds have to offer.



  • Hey, Danie le Roux!

    For larger dogs, we recommend the Boss Educator ET-800, which offers 100 shock levels and 60 boost levels for customized training. Explore its features here:

    Alternatively, you might want to consider a pet containment system like the E-Collar Technologies PF-1000 In-Ground E-Fence. This e-fence system automatically corrects your dog when they approach or cross the designated boundary, ensuring they stay within your desired perimeter. Learn more about the product here:

    - PetsTEK Team
  • Good day
    I am looking fro an e-colar to prevent a great dane from running out of the yard into the street when I open the gate to go in with my vehicle. The dog has been given training but is difficult to control. I want to use this to give her a shock once she runs out of the yard.
    Thank you
    Danie le Roux

    - Danie le Roux
  • Not sure what which one of these colors I want to try but I definitely wanna try something on my 1 year old Corso she was

    - Charles

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