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SportDog E-Collar Feature: How to Use the SD-425X FieldTrainer Remote Training Collar

SportDog E-Collar Feature: How to Use the SD-425X FieldTrainer Remote Training Collar

SportDog is quick to point out that they’re hunters and all the SportDog e-collars have been field-tested by themselves. But SportDog ecollars are more than just hunting dog collars. They’re also effective for basic obedience training as much as in-the-field training. The FieldTrainer SD-425X remote training collar is a prime example.

Why Buy SportDog SD-425X from PetsTEK

PetsTEK is an authorized reseller of SportDog ecollars. With PetsTEK, every secure purchase entitles you to:

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  • Free Shipping
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Buying your SportDog e collar from PetsTEK also entitles you to the manufacturer warranty.

For a limited time, your SportDog SD-425X remote dog training collar purchase also comes with a FREE PetsTEK multipurpose towel and the e-book, "E-Collar Training Guide by PetsTEK."

Getting Started with the SportDog SD-425X FieldTrainer

What is the SportDog SD-425X FieldTrainer? The SD-425X is an e collar for dogs. E-collars are also called remote trainers, shock collars, or remote training collars. They help in correcting your dog’s undesirable behavior and reinforcing already learned commands. They work well even at a distance, making e collars valuable communication tools that also help in fostering better relationships between pets and their owners.

If you’ve just gotten the SD-425X or are looking to purchase one for your beloved pet, here’s everything you need to know.

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What comes in the box:

SportDog SD-425X Remote Training Collar Box Set with PetsTEK Towel

  • Remote Transmitter
  • Collar Receiver with ¾” Collar Strap
  • Charging Adaptor
  • Standard Contact Points
  • Long Contact Points
  • Lanyard
  • Test Light Tool
  • Operating Guide
  • Basic Training Manual
  • FREE PetsTEK Multipurpose Towel

SportDog SD-425X FieldTrainer Remote Transmitter:

SportDog SD-425X Remote Transmitter with Parts Labeled

The SD-425X FieldTrainer remote transmitter is small and ergonomically shaped to fit your hand comfortably. The buttons are strategically placed so they’re easy to reach and press while dog training.

SportDog SD-425X FieldTrainer Receiver Collar:

SportDog SD-425X FieldTrainer Collar Receiver with Parts Labeled

The SportDog collar receiver comes with a ¾” strap. It can fit dogs as little as 8 pounds.

The SportDog SD-425X FieldTrainer remote training collar comes with the following features:

  • 500-Mile Range
  • 21 Static Stimulation Levels
  • Nick and Constant Static Stimulation
  • Tone
  • Pager Vibration
  • Small and Lightweight Handheld Remote Transmitter
  • Waterproof and Submersible up to 25 Feet
  • Expandable to 3-Dog System

The SD-425X FieldTrainer also comes in these variants:

The SportDog SD-425X FieldTrainer – Shift the Focus on Your Dog

The SD-425X FieldTrainer is the smallest and lightest e-collar from the SportDog brand. It may just be the lightest dog training e-collar available on the market. This is great because you don’t want to be worrying about your remote trainer all the time. With no weight distraction coupled with easy-to-reach buttons, it lets you focus your attention where it’s needed – your dog.

It comes with 21 levels of static stimulation. With the 500-yard range, this e-collar can be used for basic obedience training in backyards and local parks. At the same time, if you’re an avid hunter, the SD-425X remote training e-collar can also be used for hunting dog training in fields. The transmitter and receiver are waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet so a little rain or a quick jump in shallow water won’t damage the device.

The SD-425X SportDog collar lets you dial in on your dog and train effectively and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e collar?

  • An e collar is a dog training tool that’s also called a remote trainer, remote training collar, or shock collar. It allows you to communicate remotely with your dog. Used correctly, it can help reinforce commands and correct undesirable behaviors in your pet. It provides you the means to train your dog with more precise timing and consistency. This makes an e-collar a very effective training tool.

Will an e-collar hurt my dog?

  • A remote trainer works by sending a signal from the transmitter to the collar on the dog’s neck. The signal then triggers the stimulation which can be in the form of static shock. The stimulation is meant to distract the dog from doing something they’re not supposed to or mark the desired behavior. The stimulation may be unpleasant but generally harmless.

For people who prefer not to use static, the SD-425X also comes with vibration and tone training options.

Are e-collars effective?

  • E-collars can be invaluable training tools, but only when used correctly. If you are unsure about using one or do not know how to start, please consult with a professional trainer.

When can I use an e collar for dogs?

  • PetsTEK does not recommend using an e collar for dogs younger than 6 months old. We also recommend supplementing training with a remote trainer only when your dog has already learned the basic commands.

How does the SportDog SD-425X remote e-collar work?

  • The SD-425X transmitter remote sends a signal to the receiver collar on the dog’s neck. The collar has two contact points, also called prongs, that deliver static. You can also set the remote to deliver vibration or tone to mark the message you’re sending your pet. In highly distracting situations, you can use the boost option.

What is the difference between the SD-425X and the SD-425XS?

  • Physically, the SD-425X and SD-425XS SportDog collars look the same. However, the SD-425XS has a medium to high power output that is best for dogs that are stubborn or strong-willed.

Operating the SportDog SD-425X FieldTrainer Remote Training Collar

How do I fit the e-collar?

  • Making sure the e collar fits correctly will ensure more consistent correction. To fit the e-collar properly:
    1. Put the receiver on your dog’s neck below the ears, on the side of the windpipe.
    2. Make sure the contact points are touching the skin.
    3. Check the fit. You should be able to put a couple of fingers between the strap and your dog’s skin.

If the collar is too loose, it won’t administer correction reliably. Meanwhile, a too-tight collar is an irritation risk. So, make sure your dog is comfortable. Rotate the collar every 2 hours and never leave it on for more than 10 hours every day.

Charging the SportDog 425X Field Trainer E-Collar

  • Before using your SportDog e-collar, make sure the remote and transmitter batteries are fully charged. The remote charging jack can be found at the side of the remote transmitter. Lift the flap and connect the corresponding charge connector.

The charger is compatible with a standard 120/240-volt wall outlet.

SportDog 425X Remote Transmitter Charging Jack

Charging time takes approximately 2 hours. Do not charge for more than 2 hours.

To charge the SD-425X receiver collar, lift the rubber flap on the side and connect the charging connector to the charging jack.

SportDog SD-425X Collar Receiver Charging Jack

Do not forget to secure the rubber flaps back after charging to ensure debris does not enter the jacks.

How do I turn the SportDog SD-425X e-collar on or off?

  • Press and release the On/Off button at the back of the collar, between the contact points.

How to set the stimulation range on my SportDog SD-425X remote trainer?

  • Your FieldTrainer 425X e-collar is set to default level 2 out of the box. To change the range, follow the following steps:
    1. Make sure the collar receiver is off.
    2. Turn the unit on by pressing and releasing the On/Off button.
    3. The indicator light will turn on and then off. Once it is off, press and hold the On/Off button for 3 seconds.
    4. The collar receiver will emit a beep and the indicator light should flash orange.
    5. Continue holding the button until the desired range is selected (please refer to the chart below.)
    6. Release the button once the desired range is reached. This will automatically turn the collar off.
    7. Turn the unit back on. It will beep according to the stimulation range chosen.
SD-425X Stimulation Modes Chart

How can I switch stimulation modes in my SportDog SD-425X?

  • The SD-425X remote has 7 operational modes. To change modes, follow these steps:
    1. Refer to the chart for the stimulation mode you need and adjust the dial accordingly.

SportDog SD-425X Intensity Range Chart

    1. Turn the remote transmitter over.
    2. Using a pen, press and release the Mode button.

SD-425X Remote Mode Button

    1. When the Mode button is pressed, the indicator light will be solid in color. Once the Mode button is released, the indicator light will flash according to the intensity selected. For example, if the dial is set to mode 6, the light will flash 6 times.

What does momentary and continuous stimulation mean?

  • Momentary stimulation sends a single pulse of stimulation. Continuous will send pulses of stimulation for as long as the button is pressed.

Does the SD-425X have a tone?

  • The SportDog 425X FieldTrainer remote trainer has a tone option.

How do I pair the SD-425X collar receiver to the transmitter?

  • To pair or sync a new collar to your SD-425X transmitter remote, follow these steps:
    1. Turn the collar receiver off.
    2. Press and hold the On/Off button. The indicator light will come on and turn off after 4-5 seconds. Please note that releasing the button too early will cause the indicator light to start flashing. If this happens, start over from step 1.
    3. Once the indicator light is off, release the On/Off button.
    4. Press and hold the upper button on the remote transmitter. The receiver indicator light will flash 5 times. This indicates that the receiver has been matched and the light will flash as normal.

Can I add another dog to my SD-425X remote training collar system?

  • Yes, the SD-425X is expandable to a 3-dog system.

How can I add another collar to my SD-425X remote?

  • To add another dog to your SD-425X, you will need to purchase the compatible Add-A-Dog collar receiver. To pair-
    1. Program the transmitter to mode 3 or 4.
    2. Program the first collar receiver. Refer to the steps above.
    3. Program the second collar receiver using the same steps, but using the lower button in place of the upper button.
    4. Program the third collar receiver using the same steps, but using the side button instead of the upper button.

What are SportDog ID Codes?

  • A SportDog ID code is the signal identification between the remote transmitter and the collar receiver. Every remote training collar unit is programmed in 1 of the 2,000 ID codes from the factory.

How to manually program a SportDog remote transmitter ID code?

  • Turn the intensity dial to V/T.
  • Press and release the Mode button at the back of the remote.
  • Wait until the indicator light is a solid green color. This will stay on for 15 seconds.
  • While the light is green, turn the intensity dial to select the first digit of the ID. Then press and release the side button. The green light will start flashing to confirm.
  • Repeat the previous step for the second digit.
  • At the end of the 15 seconds, the light will turn off and the ID will be updated.
  • Note that changing the ID code will require the collar receiver/s to be matched again.

How long does the SD-425X e collar battery last?

  • One full charge can last between 50 and 70 hours, depending on the frequency of use.

Is the SportDog SD-425X e-collar waterproof?

  • However, please be careful when changing battery packs. Please make sure the o-ring and the o-ring groove are free from dirt and debris to keep the unit waterproof.

Can I use the SportDog SD-425X ecollar around saltwater?

  • However, the collar should be rinsed with fresh water following each use.

Why can’t I get the full range on the SD-425X collar?

  • The range is affected by terrain, weather, vegetation, and transmission from other radio devices.

Why is the SD-425X remote dial so hard to rotate?

  • This is normal and designed to protect from accidental changes in intensity. The knob will be easier to turn as you use it.

Does the SportDog SD-425X remote training collar come with a warranty?

  • The FieldTrainer comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information on how to use your SD-425X FieldTrainer remote training collar, please check your user manual.

Looking for a different SportDog collar? Check out our SportDog buying guide.




  • Hello Taylor, we’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your e-collar. Your unit is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. We suggest contacting SportDOG at 1-800-275-6797, so they can either repair or replace your unit. Hope this helps.

    - PetsTEK Team
  • I bought my shock collar a few months ago I can’t find the receipt or paperwork on it, and it’s flashing green all of a sudden, is there a warranty on them ?

    - Taylor banks

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