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Educator Collar Buying Guide 2023

Educator Collar Buying Guide 2023

This article was updated on January 6, 2023.

Educator dog e-collars are some of the most popular in the market today. Manufactured by E-Collar Technologies, they use the latest advancements to create humane and safe remote training collars for every dog.

With so many different models, though, it can be hard to choose which one is best for your dog. Selecting the correct model is vital to achieving training goals, whether reinforcing learned behavior, solving behavior issues, or both.

In this blog, we’ll go over the latest Educator Collar models so you can make a more informed decision about what to get for your precious furry companions.

Who is E-Collar Technologies?

E-Collar Technologies Logo

E-Collar Technologies was founded by Greg Van Curen. Van Curen is the same man behind Innotek, Inc. and has been at the forefront of e-collar innovations over the years. Among the many advancements, E-Collar Technologies introduced the use of “precision blunt level of stimulation” that mimics human muscle stimulators.

E-Collar Technologies is based in the United States. Educator collars are assembled and tested in the country as well.

What to Expect from Educator Collars

Educator collars share the following features across all models.

Stopwatch Style Mini Educator Remote Features

1. Blunt Pulse Stimulation

Many think e-collars are inhumane because the static generated by these collars could cause head jerking in dogs as the static penetrates their neck muscles. In contrast, E-Collar Technologies uses wide pulse technology, also known as “blunt pulse stimulation.”

Blunt pulse stimulation can be likened to a TENS unit used by chiropractors and physical therapists. To make it easier to visualize, imagine the teeth of a saw blade. That’s how regular narrow pulse stimulation would look like. Blunt pulse, meanwhile, can be likened to gentle, rolling waves.

2. Wide Range of Stimulation Levels

Educator dog collars typically come with 100 user-selectable levels of static stimulation. Like we have always mentioned, you likely won’t be using all 100 levels. However, more levels mean a more incremental change that is less jarring for your pet. It also allows you to find just the right level of correction for your dog.

3. Patented Control of Stimulation (COS) Technology

Other remote trainers use remote dials that show level changes in increments of 5. Educator collars indicate the exact level every time using their COS technology.

4. Multiple Stimulation Modes

Educator dog collars have the following stimulation modes:

  • Continuous – lets you hold the stimulation for up to 10 seconds before the automatic safety kicks in and shuts the unit off.
  • Momentary – also commonly called “nick,” this releases a split-second burst of stimulation.
  • Boost – allows you to pre-set a higher stimulation level in the transmitter. This is especially helpful in highly distracting situations.

Bar Type Educator Remote Features

5. Multiple Stimulation Options

Remote trainers usually come with static stimulation, vibration, tone, or combinations of the three.

Educator dog collar models that come with the stopwatch-style remote transmitter have one vibration and one tone level. Models with bar-type remotes usually come with adjustable vibration levels and different tone types.

6. Lock and Set Feature

Once you find the perfect working level for your dog, you can “lock and set” the level on the transmitter. This is beneficial in training because you don’t need to keep looking at your remote to ensure that you’re still on the right level. It’s also a great safety feature, assuring no accidental level changes.

The lock and set feature also work on the Booster level.

7. Expandability

All Educator remote training collars are expandable. You can purchase a single-dog system and add a second collar later on if needed. Some models can be expanded up to 4 dogs.

8. Rechargeable Battery

All Educator models are equipped with rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries that get to full charge in 2 hours. A single charge can last between 48-72 hours.

9. Night Light

Set to flash or leave constantly lit to help see your dog at night or in low light situations.

Educator collars also come with an LCD, are fully waterproof, and are impact-proof.

Choosing the Right Educator Collar

The ET-400 Educator Remote Training Collar

Now that you know about the features an Educator collar comes with, it’s time to look at your choices.

There are currently 7 different Educator dog collar product lines:

  • The 300 Series, aka “The Mini Educator”
  • The 400 Series, aka “The Educator”
  • The 800 Series, aka “The Boss”
  • The 900 Series – two models, dubbed the “EZ-900 Easy Educator” and the “PE-900 Pro Educator”
  • The 1200 Series, aka “The Upland Educator”
  • The Finger Trainer Series
  • The FOB Educators

The Educator 300 Series includes the PG-300 Pager Only Educator and the ME-300, aka the Micro Educator

How are they different from each other?

1. Stimulation Power

Educator collars can be classified into 2 different stimulation power categories:

  • Low to Medium
  • Low to High
Models with low to medium stimulation are gentler. They are ideal for dogs with soft and normal temperaments, regardless of size. Low to high power models are around 50% more powerful and are better suited for tougher dogs. They also come with larger receiver collars and may not be comfortable for dogs under 25 pounds.
The 300, 400, and 900 models all have low to medium power, while the 800 and 1200 series have low to high output.

2. Range

E-collars work by transmitting a signal from the remote transmitter to the receiver collar. It functions as a wireless leash of sorts, allowing you to communicate with your pet over a longer distance. This is why the range is important. A shorter range should suffice if you are only using the remote training in your yard or at the local park. But if you live on a farm, or are taking your dog hunting, for example, then a more extended range is a must.

Educator dog collars have ranges of 300 yards, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 mile.

3. Remote Transmitter Type

E-Collar Technologies originally had 2 types of transmitters – the stopwatch-style and the bar type. The stopwatch remote is round and lighter than the bar. Recently, a "fob" style transmitter was added to the line-up.

If you prefer a simple remote that fits easily in your hand, the stopwatch style is perfect for you. If you’d like more features and functions, go for the bar type. If you're after a remote that's discreet, the fob-type is the smallest Educator remote available.

The 300, 400, 800, and 1200 series all come with a stopwatch remote that’s fully waterproof and can float in the water. The color can also be changed through the purchase of additional skins.

The 900 series comes with a bar-type remote. This remote allows for more adjustable levels of vibration and more tone types. However, the levels cannot be adjusted on the fly. Instead, you’ll need to connect to a computer to change and set them.

4. Expandability

All stopwatch-style remotes are expandable to a 2-dog system. The PE-900 is expandable to 3 dogs. The EZ-900 is expandable to 4 dogs.


Educator Collar Buying Guide Flow Chart


If your dog is under 10 pounds with a soft, sensitive, or normal disposition and you want something easy to use with adequate range, choose the 300 series. The ET-300 Mini Educator is the most popular of this product line.

If you want a longer range, however, go for the ET-400 instead.

If you have multiple dogs and want more features, the EZ-900 or PE-900 are both fantastic, with the latter having a bit of an edge feature-wise.

If you have a larger, more stubborn dog, the ET-800 is your best bet. Finally, if you are training a hunting dog, the UL-1200 should be excellent.

Finally, if you fancy extra convenience, the FT-330 is an upgrade to the ET-300, which has a tiny remote controller that mimics one correction setting. Meanwhile, the FOB Educator FE-560 and FE-580 come with the Educator’s smallest remote yet.

Why Buy from PetsTEK

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PetsTEK has partnered with E-Collar Technologies to bring you all the best Educator Collar models. We provide:

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You can be sure that we always have the latest versions of the products.

We hope this guide helped. If you have questions or concerns, please leave us a comment or contact our always helpful and friendly customer support team.


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