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2024 SportDog Collar Buying Guide

2024 SportDog Collar Buying Guide

In our earlier posts, we looked into renowned e-collar brands like E-Collar Technologies and Dogtra.

Now, let's shift our focus to SportDog, another reputable choice among dog trainers, hunters, and pet owners. Whether you're new or upgrading, this guide will streamline your search for the perfect SportDog collar for your furry friend.

(Short on time? Jump to the end for a handy buying chart.)

Who Is SportDog?

SportDog Logo


Founded in 2003 by Radio Systems Corporation, the SportDog brand specializes in crafting e-collars for the sporting dog market. Their guiding principle, "Gear The Way You'd Design It," fuels the team's dedication to designing and testing products in real-world conditions.

They firmly believe that practical testing “in the field” is the most effective way to create top-of-the-line e collar products. This commitment has earned SportDog recognition in the dog collar training and tracking industries.

What to Expect from SportDog Training Collars

How does a SportDog collar work? Is the SportDog collar a shock collar?

Understanding the workings of SportDog collars can address these queries. The SportDog collar operates similarly to modern remote training collars. Typically, a SportDog e collar comprises a remote transmitter and a dog collar with an integrated receiver. The remote allows you to control the stimulation, while the collar receiver delivers this stimulation to your dog.

In this section, let's explore the features embedded in SportDog's popular "X-Series." Models identified with the "X" designation in their names commonly incorporate the following features:

1.  21 Levels of Static Stimulation

SportDog collars use a gentle static correction, often referred to as a "shock." Hence, they're also referred to as SportDog shock collars. Now, don't worry, it's not as intense as it sounds.

The SportDog X-Series models come with 21 levels of static stimulation. This gives you the flexibility to adjust and find the perfect correction level that suits your dog's personality.

2.  Tone and Vibration Options

Apart from static, the X-Series models come with additional options: tone and vibration. If you're not too keen on using static correction, you can opt for the more subtle tone or vibration. Plus, you can utilize them in combination with static or use them as standalone options.

3.  “No-Look” Operation

All X-Series SportDog remote trainers are designed for “no-look” operation. The remote transmitter buttons are strategically placed, making it super easy to use without taking your eyes off your furry friend.

Why does this matter? It means you can keep your attention squarely on your dog, ensuring more consistent and immediate corrections.

4.  Waterproof Technology

SportDog training collars are completely waterproof, submersible up to 25 feet, thanks to their DryTek® technology. No matter the weather, your training sessions can go on.

5.  Expandability

All SportDog X-Series models are expandable units, allowing you to include more dogs in your training routine. By purchasing additional collars, most models allow you to add up to 3 dogs into the same system. Some models can even handle up to 6 dogs simultaneously, making it a convenient choice for multi-dog households.

6.  Rechargeable Batteries

SportDog remote trainers come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that quickly recharges in just 2 hours. This allows you to spend more time on training with minimal downtime. Expect 50-70 hours of use per charge.

SportDog X-Series Features

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right SportDog Shock Collar

How to choose a shock collar for your dog?

Choosing a SportDog brand shock collar or upgrading your existing model shouldn't be a daunting task, but it does involve a few considerations. For example, what features are you seeking, and how do you plan to use the collar?

To find the most suitable SportDog e-collar for your dog, consider the following factors first:

1.  Your Dog’s Breed

What is your dog’s breed?

While any SportDog remote trainer is generally suitable for all breeds, some models are specifically designed for particular dog breeds. For instance, the UplandHunter® 1875 is ideal for pointing dogs like the German Shorthaired Pointers or English Pointers.

2.  Purpose of the Collar

Why are you buying an e-collar?

Consider how you plan to use the e-collar. Is it for teaching basic obedience and dog manners? Or do you want to address excessive barking? For basic obedience, any SportDog X-Series model may suffice. For the latter, a SportDog bark collar would be a more fitting choice.

3.  Range of the E-Collar

How far do you want to reach your dog?

Each SportDOG Brand collar has a set range, and the e-collar's purpose helps you figure out what range suits you. Let's consider the SportHunter® line, perfect for those thrilling hunting adventures.

The SportHunter SD-825X has the shortest distance, covering half a mile. The SD-1225X extends up to 3/4 mile, and the SD-1825X has an impressive 1-mile range. Remember, these ranges are based on a clear “line of sight” – with no hills or obstacles between the remote and collar.

Think of it like gearing up for the unexpected, and having the extra reach of the SD-1225X or SD-1825X could be pretty useful. More range is never a bad idea.

Key Considerations When Choosing the Right SportDog Shock Collar

Choosing the Right SportDog E Collar

SportDog offers a diverse range of e-collars tailored to different needs.

In the X-Series remote dog training collar lineup, there are 3 main categories:

  • FieldTrainer® - includes the 425X and 425XS
  • SportHunter® - includes the 825X, 1225X, and 1825X
  • WetlandHunter® - includes 425X Camo and 1825X Camo

In addition to the X-Series, SportDog also offers other product lines:

  • SportTrainer® - 575, 875, 1275, and their respective orange versions, 575E, 875E, and 1275E
  • UplandHunter® 1875
  • HoundHunter® 3225

Introducing the latest addition to SportDog's lineup, the cutting-edge FieldSentinel™ Series, featuring:

  • FieldSentinel™ 825
  • FieldSentinel™ 1825

SportDog also provides a line of GPS-enabled e collars called the TEK Series:

  • TEK V1.5L
  • TEK V1.5LT
  • TEK V2L
  • TEK V2LT

Lastly, SportDog rounds off its impressive product lineup with the YardTrainer® Series:

  • YT-100
  • YT-100S
  • YT-300

Now, how do these collars differ? How should you know which remote dog training collar is best?

Let's delve into the details of each model for a clearer picture.


The FieldTrainer is SportDog's most compact and lightest e-collar system. If you’re looking for an e collar for in-the-field training, these ecollars are precisely crafted for this purpose. These collars have a 500-yard range, fit comfortably in the palm, and come wrapped in a "soft-coat" remote for added comfort.

Choosing between the Sportdog FieldTrainer 425X and 425XS is simple. Same features, same sleek design, but with one key difference: the "S" in SD-425XS, denoting Stubborn. While both models provide 21 static stimulation levels, the 425XS offers a higher static stimulation range than the 425X. This enhancement is tailored for the FieldTrainer 425XS to accommodate high-drive and stubborn dogs.

Model Range Power Output Other Stimulation Waterproof Expandable Dog Size Best for
SportDog FieldTrainer 425X Remote Training Collar
500 Yards Medium Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 3 dogs 8 lbs and up
Shy/Normal Temperament
SportDog FieldTrainer 425XS Remote Training Collar
500 Yards High Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 3 dogs 8 lbs and up
Stubborn Temperament


The SportHunter series is ideal for upland and multi-dog hunting scenarios. They also offer an extended range compared to the FieldTrainer® family. Regardless of your preferred training style, these versatile SportDog collars can provide it.

The SportHunter 825X covers the shortest range at 1/2 mile and features the smallest collar in the family. The SD-1225X is the mid-level e collar with a reach of up to 3/4 mile. Lastly, the SD-1825X boasts the longest range at 1 mile and can handle the highest number of dogs – up to 6.

Model Range Power Output Other Stimulation Waterproof Expandable Dog Size
SportDOG SportHunter 825X Remote Training Collar
1/2 Mile Medium Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 3 dogs 8 lbs and up
SportDog SportHunter 1225X Remote Training Collar
3/4 Mile High Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 3 dogs 8 lbs and up
SportDog SportHunter 1825X Remote Training Collar
1 Mile High Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 6 dogs 8 lbs and up


For waterfowl hunting enthusiasts, the WetlandHunter® family is a perfect choice. These SportDog remote trainers are specifically designed for wetland hunting, featuring a guaranteed waterproof and submersible remote and collar set. With a Realtree Max-5 camo finish, they blend seamlessly into wetland environments.

Picture the SD-425X and SD-1825X, now clad in a duck-blind disguise. That essentially captures the essence of the SD-425X Camo and SD-1825X Camo.

The SD-425X Camo packs the same punch as the 425X, with 500-yard range, 21 levels of stimulation, and 4 modes (constant, nick, vibrate, and tone). However, this sleek e-collar system swaps the black finish for the Realtree Max-5 Camouflage.

Same goes for the SD-1825X Camo. It shares the same features as the 1825X, including the 1-mile range and stimulation levels, but covered in that distinctive camo pattern.

SportDog SportHunter 1825X Remote Training CollarSportDog WetlandHunter 1825X Camo Remote Training Collar


The SportTrainer® lineup bridges the gap between the FieldTrainer and SportHunter series. While excellent in basic obedience training, these collars also prove effective in hunting environments. These make them an ideal choice for those seeking versatile ecollars for both training and hunting. However, a key distinction lies in the number of stimulation levels offered by SportTrainers.

Take, for instance, the SD-575 and its orange counterpart, the SD-575E. These SportDog training collars feature a 500-yard range and low to medium power output, expandable for up to 2 dogs.

Meanwhile, the SD-875 and SD-875E cover a 1/2-mile range with low to medium power output, expandable for 3-dog systems. For those requiring a broader range, the SD-1275 and SD-1275E extend to a 3/4-mile range and can handle up to 6 dogs.

Notably, all the mentioned models offer only 10 static stimulation levels, which is fewer than what's available in all X-Series models. However, the SportTrainer® stands out with the inclusion of their large OLED screen, a feature absent in other SportDog collar models.

Model Color Range Power Output Stim Levels Other Stimulation Waterproof Expandable Dog Size
SportDog SportTrainer 575 Black Remote Training Collar
Black 500 Yards Medium 10 Levels Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 2 dogs 8 lbs and up
SportDog SportTrainer 575 Orange Remote Training Collar
Orange 500 Yards Medium 10 Levels Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 2 dogs 8 lbs and up
SportDog SportTrainer 875 Black Remote Training Collar
Black 1/2 Mile Medium 10 Levels Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 3 dogs 8 lbs and up
SportDog SportTrainer 875 Orange Remote Training Collar
Orange 1/2 Mile Medium 10 Levels Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 3 dogs 8 lbs and up
SportDog SportTrainer 1275 Black Remote Training Collar
Black 3/4 Mile High 10 Levels Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 6 dogs 8 lbs and up
SportDog SportTrainer 1275 Orange Remote Training Collar
Orange 3/4 Mile High 10 Levels Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 6 dogs 8 lbs and up

UplandHunter® 1875

If you're in search of an e-collar with a beeper combo, the UplandHunter® SD-1875 is an excellent option. This SportDog shock collar integrates an e-collar with an audible beeper, allowing you to keep tabs on your pointing dogs with ease. Moreover, it has an impressive 1-mile range and can control up to 3 dogs in the same system.

SportDog UplandHunter 1875 Remote Training Collar

HoundHunter® 3225

The HoundHunter® SD-3225 is your ultimate partner for mastering the art of tracking and trailing dogs, putting you in charge of the exciting chase. This sleek remote transmitter, equipped with color-coded indicators, allows you to effortlessly manage up to 6 dogs at once. Perfect for the daring hunters pursuing bear, bobcat, mountain lion, and raccoon with their loyal pack. And the best part? You can command it all from an impressive distance of 2 miles!

SportDog HoundHunter 3225 Remote Training Collar


The FieldSentinel™ series is SportDog's latest addition to the market, deemed as the world's first e-collar featuring health alerts. This advanced SportDog remote trainer monitors your dog's heart rate and the intensity/duration of their exertion. If your dog's exhaustion level reaches a concerning point, the FieldSentinel will send you an alert. This feature proves invaluable, especially for high-drive dogs that may prioritize the pursuit of birds over their own well-being.

The FieldSentinel 1825 and FieldSentinel 825 both feature the BodyGuard™ health alert, a waterproof design, multi-dog capability, and 3 stim types. The key difference lies in their range, with the FS-1825 offering a 1-mile reach compared to the FS-825's 1/2-mile range.

Model Key Feature Range Power Output Stim Levels Other Stimulation Waterproof Expandable Dog Size
SportDog FieldSentinel 825 Remote Training Collar + Health Alert
Health Alert 1/2 Mile High 7 Levels Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 2 dogs 8 lbs and up
SportDog FieldSentinel 1825 Remote Training Collar + Health Alert
Health Alert 1 Mile High 7 Levels Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 2 dogs 8 lbs and up

TEK Series

The TEK Series is one of SportDog's technologically advanced dog collar lineup. This includes GPS-only collars for tracking and GPS + E-Collar systems that function as both a remote trainer and a GPS tracker.

In the SportDog TEK Series V1.5L, you get a remarkable GPS-only tracking collar with a 7-mile range. On the other hand, the TEK V1.5LT offers both GPS and training functions.

But that's not all – there's the TEK Series 2.0. The TEK V2LT combines tracking and training features, while the TEK V2L focuses on GPS tracking alone. With an extended range of up to 10 miles, these e-collars take your dog tracking and training experience to the next level.

Model Key Feature Range Stim Levels Other Stimulation Waterproof Expandable Dog Size
SportDOG TEK V1.5L GPS Tracking Remote Training Collar
GPS Only 7 Miles N/A Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 12 receivers 8 lbs and up
SportDOG TEK V1.5LT GPS Tracking + Remote Training E-Collar
GPS + E Collar 7 Miles 99 Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 12 receivers 8 lbs and up
SportDOG TEK V2L GPS Tracking Only E-Collar
GPS Only 10 Miles N/A Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 21 receivers 8 lbs and up
SportDOG TEK V2LT GPS Tracking + Remote Training E-Collar
GPS + E Collar 10 Miles 99 Tone, Vibration Yes Up to 21 receivers 8 lbs and up


Lastly, the YardTrainer® serves as SportDog's entry-level e-collar, tailored for basic obedience training. If you're on the lookout for the best remote training collar for small dogs, this matches the criteria.

As the name suggests, the YardTrainers are perfect for dog training at home, in the yard, or parks. Both the YT-100 and YT-100S offer a range of 100 yards, with the latter designed for more strong-willed pups. For those needing a basic dog training collar with extra distance, the YT-300 provides a range of 300 yards.



2024 SportDOG Collar Buying Guide Flow Chart


We understand that there's a lot to cover, so we've condensed all this information into a practical buying chart. Compare SportDog e-collar models to find the perfect fit for your dog's training needs.

Remember, choosing the right e-collar is just one piece of the puzzle. Training and consistency are equally essential in shaping your dog's behavior. With the right tools and dedicated effort, you'll be rewarded with obedient and well-trained dogs over time.


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