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Tail-Wagging Joy: Shelter Dog Knew She Was Getting Adopted in Florida

Tail-Wagging Joy: Shelter Dog Knew She Was Getting Adopted in Florida

Every year, millions of pets end up in shelters across the United States. A significant portion of those are strays. In Florida alone, hundreds of these animals enter shelters daily, hoping to find new families who'll take them in.

And for one lucky shelter dog, her adoption day had come, and she simply couldn't contain her excitement.

Meet Luna – a charming black and white American bulldog mix. 

Luna arrived at the Walton County Animal Services (WCAS) shelter on January 2, 2024, having been found as a stray. A photo of her was posted on the shelter's Facebook page in hopes of locating her owner. However, after the 3-day waiting period, with no one coming forward, she was then listed as one of the adoptable dogs.

Watch Luna’s Heartwarming Reaction Upon Learning She's Getting Adopted

In a touching TikTok video shared by WCAS (@wcasfl) in Florida, the dog can be seen joyfully wagging her tail next to a woman. The caption reads, "Luna stood like this the whole time her new mom was filling out her adoption papers." The video clip has captured hearts and has gone viral with over 2 million views!


@wcasfl Luna stood like this the whole time her new mom was filling out her adoption papers 🥺☺️💚#animalshelter #wcas #wcso #adoptdontshop #viral #adoptfosterrescue #waltoncountyfl #fyp #dogsoftiktok ♬ Don't Stop Believin' - Journey


Patricia Weingartner, the animal services manager at WCAS, said they were surprised when Luna leaped onto a chair, observing her new mom filling out the paperwork. It's as if she knew exactly what was going on.

The TikTok video has garnered nearly 4,000 comments, with people online speculating about what Luna might be saying at that moment. Many believe she's simply proud to show off her new mom.

One TikTok user playfully suggested the dog could be saying, "[Sorry] folks, I’m taken."

"[Yep], this is my momma," another user commented.

It's not just the shelter staff rejoicing for Luna. As it turns out, the internet is equally thrilled for her, having found her forever home. The WCAS shared that she's doing good and enjoying her new home with her older and younger brothers. Now, that's a happy ending!

How to Adopt a Pet from an Animal Shelter or Rescue?


Woman Feeding Dogs in a Shelter


If you're thinking about adopting a dog, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the adoption process. The criteria for pet adoption often vary among animal shelters or rescues, but here’s a general guide for you:

1. Start locally.

Check the individual websites of your local shelters or rescues. If you found a suitable place, make an in-person visit to find your new best friend. They say all it takes is to look into a dog’s eyes and see if you connect. Your local animal shelter or rescue organization can also help you find the right match for you.

2. Submit an application.

The initial step in the pet adoption process usually involves submitting an application. Shelters or rescues often operate on a first-come, first-served basis. If you spot a dog you're keen on, be prepared to promptly submit an application.

The application may be a simple questionnaire or a more detailed survey, covering aspects like your living arrangements and income. Also, most organizations require you to be at least 18 years old to qualify. So, make sure you have a valid identification with you.

3. Complete a home visit.

Shelters or rescues may prefer a specific setting for their adopted dogs. A representative might visit your home to ensure it's a safe and suitable space for the pet. The staff will tell you if a home visit is needed before your application gets approved.

4. Pay the adoption fee.

Adoption costs vary depending on the shelter, ranging from $50 to $350 or more. However, fees are typically more affordable than purchasing from a responsible breeder. The adoption fee usually includes essential veterinary care like initial vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying/neutering.

NOTE: These are only basic guidelines on how to adopt a pet. Before visiting, check your local shelter’s website to learn what you should bring to ensure a smooth application process.

Final Word

Certainly, Luna wasn't the only one seeking a new home, with millions of pets entering animal shelters annually. If you're considering becoming a fur parent, consider giving these shelter dogs a chance. Who knows, you might find your own Luna someday.



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