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7 Best Shock Collars for K-9 and Service Dogs

7 Best Shock Collars for K-9 and Service Dogs

An e-collar is one of the most effective tools for dogs who undergo basic to advance behavioral training. But more than just basic obedience, e-collars (also known as dog shock collars or remote training collars) are also an advanced way to train police dogs or what we know as K-9 dogs. A dog training e-collar is an excellent way to keep both trainer and dog safe while learning to follow commands while off-leash.

E collar use can be a controversial topic. But used correctly, it can be a very effective and quick dog training device.

How can an e-collar help with K9 (and service dog) training?

  1. Start e-collar training early.

Dog training should start at your dog’s developmental age while they’re still young. This will help create the critical foundation needed for more advanced training later. Early dog training also ensures you prevent bad habits from forming or correct unwanted behavior that will be problematic in the future.

Once your dog has learned the basic commands, they’ll be ready for e-collar training.

  1. Always start at the lowest stimulation level.

E-collars can help teach your dog to be more focused on your commands. Start the e-collar training at the lowest stimulation level. This allows the dog to get used to wearing the training collar and limit the distractions.

  1. Practice makes perfect.

Daily dog training sessions are the best way to achieve your goals. Consistency is key.

K-9 dogs should learn to treat each day as training or working day. They usually cannot distinguish between off-duty and on-shift. Because of this, handlers and trainers should approach them as if they are always in training or working. This way, the commands and skills will be reinforced more easily.

If you’re ready to start training, here are some of the best e-collars for K-9 and service dogs.

  1. Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar
Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar

Dogtra collars are very reliable and durable. This is what makes them a top choice for K9 training. One of the best models is the Dogtra ARC remote training collar.

The ARC e-collar is effective for teaching basic commands. The collar receiver is designed in an arc shape (thus the name) which fits your dog’s neck better than many other dog ecollars.

The Dogtra ARC comes with the following features:

    • ¾-Mile Range
    • 127 Levels of Static Stimulation
    • Low to Medium Power Output
    • Nick, Momentary and Constant Stimulation

This is a fully waterproof e-collar and is expandable to a 2-dog system.

Get your Dogtra ARC remote training e-collar here.

  1. SportDOG 425X FieldTrainer Remote Training Collar

SportDog 425X FieldTrainer Remote Training Collar

Don’t let its small size fool you. The SD-425X dubbed the “FieldTrainer,” is powerful enough to go from yard to field without any issue. This SportDog collar is designed for sporting breeds and field training, making it a suitable e-collar for K-9 training.

The SportDog 425X has:

    • 500-Yard Range
    • 21 Levels of Static Stimulation
    • Vibration
    • Tone

The Field Trainer is expandable for up to 3 dogs with the purchase of additional compatible SportDog collars.

Get your SportDog 425X remote training e-collar here.

  1. Dogtra 1900S Black Remote Training Collar
Dogtra 1900S Black Edition Remote Training Collar

The Dogtra 1900S remote training collar series comes in a few variants. There’s the 1900S, the 1900S Wetlands, 1900S Handsfree Plus, and the 1900S Black. Any one of them would do great for K9 and service dog training. But you have to admit, if you have a police dog, the 1900S Black Edition looks the sleekest. It doesn't hurt that it also has the longest range among the 1900S models.

The 1900S Black comes with:

    • 1-Mile Range
    • 127 Levels of Low to High Static Stimulation
    • Non-Stimulating High-Performance Page

Get your Dogtra 1900S Black remote training e-collar here.

  1. Dogtra 280C Remote Training Collar
Dogtra 280C Remote Training Collar

The Dogtra 280C is the big brother of the popular 200C model. It includes all fundamental features for dog training in an ultra-compact build. With its waterproof transmitter and receiver, you will be able to train your dogs in any environment and weather.

The Dogtra 280C ecollar features:

    • ½-Mile range
    • 127 Levels of Low to Medium Static Stimulation
    • 3 training Modes

Get your Dogtra 280C remote training e-collar here.

  1. Pro Educator PE-900 by E-Collar Technologies
Pro Educator PE-900 Remote Training Collar by E-Collar Technologies

Educator collars are always a good choice for dog e-collars. Many people know the brand for the eye-catching Mini Educator ET-300. But there’s more to Educator than just the Mini.

For K9 and service dog training, the PE-900 is a good choice. The Pro Educator PE-900 by E-collar Technologies is recommended for regular pet owners and professional trainers alike. This modern tool packs enough power to go from basic to advanced training.

The Pro Educator collar has:

    • ½-Mile Range
    • 100 Levels of User-Adjustable Static Stimulation
    • 6 Selectable Vibrations
    • 3 Selectable Tones
    • 2 Ramping Modes

Get your Pro Educator PE-900 remote training e-collar here.

  1. K9 Handler K9-800 B37 Remote Dog Training Collar Black
K9 Handler Remote Training Collar

The K9 Handler K9-800 Remote Dog Training Collar Black will bring your obedience training to the next level because of its multiple correction options. This is excellent support for emergency and high-distraction situations.

Does it look similar to the other black Educator e-collar, the Boss ET-800? Yes, it does. But unlike the ET-800, the K9-800 K9 Handler comes with a bungee collar.

The K9 Handler Educator collar has:

    • 1 Mile Range
    • 1-100 Levels of Wide Pulse Static Stimulation
    • 60 Levels of Additional Boost
    • Pavlovian Tone

Like other Educator ecollars, the K9 Handler has a stopwatch-style remote with a lock and set feature and is fully waterproof. The system is expandable to a 2-dog system.

Get your K9 Handler K9-800 remote training e-collar here.

  1. Dogtra 3500X Remote Training Collar
Dogtra 3500X Remote Training Collar

The Dogtra 3500X remote training collar is an easy-to-use dog training collar loved by many professionals. It comes with:

    • Professional-Grade Dual Dial Transmitter
    • 5-Mile Range
    • Selector/Step Dial with 8 Stimulation Levels
    • High-Performance Pager Vibration
    • Audible Tone
    • Low to High Power Stimulation

Get your Dogtra 3500X remote training e-collar here.

E-collar training is best used with other training techniques such as verbal and hand commands. Use it to enhance communication between you and your dog further. If you are not sure how to use one, it is best to seek the knowledge of experts to make sure you don’t accidentally hurt your pet in the process. As always, remember that using an e-collar can save the life of the public, the dog, and the handler, but only if it is used correctly.



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