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PetsTEK Releases E-Collar Training Guide

PetsTEK Releases E-Collar Training Guide

PetsTEK, your trusted reseller of the most reputable dog training e-collars, launches its first ebook – “E-Collar Training Guide by PetsTEK.” Aiming to help new and old pet owners and trainers alike understand e-collars, the ebook goes over everything you need to know to use the tool in dog training successfully.

The ebook, written with inputs from real-life training partners, highlights what you must look for in an excellent remote training collar. It lists the basic do’s and don’ts of e-collar use and walks you through a step-by-step plan to train your dog for basic obedience.

E-Collar Training Guide by PetsTEK is on sale for $34.99 but is free with every purchase of a remote training collar at the PetsTEK website.


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