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The Complete Guide to Using the Easy Educator EZ-900 by E-Collar Technologies

The Complete Guide to Using the Easy Educator EZ-900 by E-Collar Technologies

The Easy Educator EZ-900 remote training collar by E-Collar Technologies may look a bit intimidating, especially since it looks very different from the hugely popular and rather cute Mini Educator ET-300. But don't let the aesthetics turn you away. The EZ Educator collar has all you need to make dog training as safe and efficient as it can be.

E-Collar Technologies' Most Versatile Remote Training Collar

The EZ Educator e collar is a convenient tool that can help anyone handle behavioral challenges head-on, from regular pet owners to professional dog trainers. With unique features and easy customizability, the EZ-900 remote dog trainer is a good fit for dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

Getting Started with the Easy Educator EZ-900 Remote Dog Training Collar

What is the Easy Educator EZ-900 remote dog training e collar? The EZ-900 is a training collar for dogs. Is the EZ Educator a shock collar? In the simplest of terms, yes, it is a dog shock collar. However, "shock" collar is a bit of a misleading term.

While the EZ-900 e-collar does have a shock or static stimulation, it is not meant to harm dogs. Instead, what an e-collar does is correct or reinforce behavior through the help of stimulation. The Easy Educator dog collar also comes with other stimulation options like vibration and tone for those not keen on using static or those with more sensitive pets.

When used properly, the EZ Educator e collar provides effective correction for small to large-sized dogs weighing 8 pounds or more. The Easy Educator EZ-900 has a range of up to ½-mile, more than enough for boundary training, aversion training, or any other dog training condition where force and control are needed.

If you have recently purchased The Easy Educator EZ-900 remote trainer or are considering getting one for your pet, here's everything you need to know.

What comes in the box:

  • Waterproof Remote Transmitter
  • Waterproof Collar Receiver
  • 30" x 3/4" Biothane Collar Strap
  • Two (2) Sets of Contact Points (5/8" and 3/4")
  • Contact Points Removal Tool
  • Test Light
  • Dual Battery Charger (120V/220V)
  • Charger Splitter Cable
  • Owner's Manual
  • Lanyard for Remote
  • Belt Clip

Easy Educator EZ-900 Remote Transmitter

EZ-900 Easy Educator Remote with Parts Labeled

The Easy Educator EZ-900 transmitter is a yellow, rectangular remote with rounded edges. Made for simple and "easy" operation, it comes with a stimulation level dial that's easy to set and operate. The EZ Educator remote also controls a tracking light on the receiver collar to make locating your pet after dark much easier.

Easy Educator EZ-900 Receiver Collar

EZ-900 Easy Educator Receiver Collar

All Educator collars come with a Biothane strap that's waterproof and easy to clean. The EZ-900 receiver collar strap is 3/4" in width and 30" in length. The strap can be cut to size to fit small to large dogs.

The EZ-900 Remote Dog Training Collar comes with the following features:

  • ½-Mile Range
  • 100 Levels of Static Stimulation
  • 5 Stimulation Modes – Momentary, Momentary Boost, Continuous, Continuous Boost, Instant Stimulation
  • 7 Vibration Levels
  • 4 Types of Tone with Volume Control
  • Lock and Set Technology
  • Night Light
  • High-Quality Biothane Collar Strap
  • Waterproof Transmitter and Receiver
  • 2-Hour Quick Charge Lithium-Polymer Battery
  • For Dogs 8 Pounds and Up

The Easy Educator EZ-900 is expandable to a 4-Dog system with the purchase of additional collars. It also comes with a 2-Dog version (EZ-902), a 3-Dog version (EZ-903), and a 4-Dog version (EZ-904).

Accessories and parts for the EZ Educator are also available, including a quick-snap skin replacement if you want to freshen up the way the remote looks and a replacement remote.

The EZ-900 Easy Educator Remote Dog Training E Collar- Versatility at Your Fingertips

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with the Easy Educator EZ-900 remote training e-collar is not very complicated. We list down the answers to frequently asked questions, explain basic functions, and help you understand programming features.

What is an e collar?

  • An e collar is a dog training tool that's also called a remote trainer, remote training collar, or shock collar. It allows you to communicate remotely with your dog. Used correctly, it can help reinforce commands and correct undesirable behaviors in your pet. It provides you the means to train your dog with more precise timing and consistency. This makes an e-collar a very effective training tool.

Will an e collar hurt my dog?

  • A remote trainer works by sending a signal from the transmitter to the collar on the dog's neck. The signal then triggers the stimulation, which can be a static shock. The stimulation is meant to distract the dog from doing something they're not supposed to or mark the desired behavior. The stimulus may be unpleasant but generally harmless.

The Easy Educator EZ-900 also has non-stimulating vibration, tone, and a lock and set technology to control or stop that static stimulation.

Are e-collars effective?

When can I use an e collar for dogs?

  • PetsTEK does not recommend using an e collar for dogs younger than six months old. We also recommend supplementing training with a remote trainer only when your dog has already learned the basic commands.

How does the Easy Educator EZ-900 e collar work?

  • The EZ-900 transmitter remote sends a signal to the receiver collar on the dog's neck. The collar has two contact points or prongs that deliver static. You can also set the remote to deliver vibration or tone to mark the message you're sending your pet. In highly distracting situations, you can use the boost option.

Is the Easy Educator EZ-900 e-collar waterproof?

  • Yes, both the remote and the receiver are waterproof and submersible.

EZ Educator vs Mini Educator – What's the Difference?

  • Both the Easy Educator and Mini Educator are remote training e-collars with ½ mile range. They both have static, vibration, and tone. What sets the EZ-900 apart is the instant mode feature that lets you adjust the static correction on the fly. It has adjustable levels of vibration and tone, and these can all be changed from a Windows-based computer. Unlike the ET-300 Mini Educator that comes with a black version and an Educator Zen 300 version, the EZ-900 only comes with one color design remote.

Does the EZ-900 Easy Educator have a tone?

  • Yes, it does.

How to Set Up and Use EZ-900 Easy Educator Remote Training Collar

Where should an e-collar sit on a dog's neck?

  • The collar should be adjusted to allow the contact points to have direct contact with the skin. A couple of fingers should fit between the collar and the dog's skin. Tightly placed collars may cause irritations and discomfort. The best position of the collar should be on either side of the dog's trachea or windpipe.

How to charge the EZ-900 Easy Educator?

  • The charging port on both the EZ-900 transmitter and receiver can be found at the back. Lift the battery cover flap and insert the micro USB into the remote and the charge plug into the collar. You can charge the remote and e collar at the same time.

Battery care guidelines:

    • Charge the unit on or before the low battery indication.
    • Store the e-collar with at least a 50% charge.
    • Store the e-collar in a cool, dry place.

How do you know when the EZ-900 Easy Educator needs charging?

  • When the transmitter remote LCD shows only one (1) bar remaining, it's time to charge the remote trainer.

On the receiver collar, a yellow light indicates low battery while red means very low battery life remaining.

How long is the charging time for the Easy Educator EZ-900 e-collar?

  • The charging time is approximately 2 hours.

How do you turn the Easy Educator EZ-900 on and off?

  • Transmitter – Press the lower right button for one (1) second to turn the remote ON. Press the same button for two (seconds) to turn OFF.
Easy Educator On and Off Button
  • Receiver – Place the red dot on the collar receiver on the red dot on the transmitter remote for one (1) second to turn the collar ON/OFF.
EZ-900 Remote and Collar Operation Illustration

EZ Educator 900 Software Download

How do you set the stimulation level of your Easy Educator EZ-900 e-collar?

  • Rotate the stimulation level dial clockwise or counter-clockwise to increase or decrease the stimulation level.

How do you lock and unlock the stimulation levels?

  • Press the "P" button for more than one (second) to lock/unlock stimulation levels. A blinking "1D" indicates the device is unlocked on the LCD screen. When locked, "1D" remains solid.

What do M and C mean on the Educator e collar?

  • The Easy Educator EZ-900 remote training e-collar comes with five (5) types of stimulation- Momentary (M), Momentary Boost (M+), Continuous (C), Continuous Boost (C+), and Instant Mode (|).

What do the Easy Educator e collar buttons mean?

  • The EZ-900 remote training collar has four (4) buttons assigned for stimulation, vibration, and tone. Additionally, there are two (2) program buttons for changing modes ("P") and turning the device on and off.

The factory default button settings are as follows:

S1 – Momentary

S2 – Continuous

S3 – Vibration

S4 – Tone

How to change modes on the EZ-900 e-collar?

  • Start by setting the stimulation level to zero (0).
    • S1 Mode Change: P+S1 (M > C > V > T)
    • S2 Mode Change: P+S2 (C > V > T > M)
    • S3 Mode Change: P+S3 (V > T > M > C)
    • S4 Mode Change: P+S4 (T > M > C > V)
  • You can also change modes (Tone, Vibration, and Instant) by using the computer interface tool which can be downloaded at

What is instant stimulation mode?

  • Instant stimulation is a patented feature. It works by gradually increasing the stimulation set by the user. This is particularly helpful in removing the startling effect usually associated with constant stimulation.

How to set up Instant mode on the EZ Educator?

  • The "C" mode activates the instant mode when the level is on zero (0). So, to activate the instant mode, rotate the volume level to zero (0) and then press a button set to continuous mode.

How to exit Instant mode on the EZ Educator?

  • Press any button or wait for the 45-second time out.

How does the boost function of the Easy Educator EZ-900 e collar work?

  • In addition to Momentary and Continuous, your Educator collar also comes with a Boost function which sends extra stimulation. This is usually recommended for high-distraction situations or particularly stubborn dogs.

The default boost level is 5. You can adjust this level to between 1 and 60. When using boost, your dog will receive a shock equal to the set stimulation level plus the boosted level. For example, your e-collar is set to level 10, and the boost is at level 5. Your dog will receive 10+5.

How do you set up boost on the Easy Educator EZ-900 e collar?

1. Make sure the remote is on Momentary Mode.

2. Unlock the stimulation level and dial the intensity down to 0.

3. Press the Momentary button for more than 5 seconds to enter the Booster Level Change Mode. The LCD should display the M+/C+ icon at this point.

4. Rotate the dial to the desired boost level.

5. Press the Momentary button again to save and exit.

How to activate the light on my EZ-900 Easy Educator collar?

  • Press the "ON/OFF" button quickly to activate the tracking light.
EZ Educator LED Lights

How to activate lost transmitter mode on my EZ Educator collar?

  • Set the intensity level to zero (0). Press the "ON/OFF" and the "P" buttons simultaneously. One (1) short beep will sound to confirm the activation of the locator timer.
  • To deactivate, simultaneously press the "ON/OFF" and the "P" buttons. Two (2) short beeps will signal that the locator timer has been deactivated.
  • Please note that the transmitter will start beeping 6 hours from activation.

How to change the Easy Educator EZ-900 from a 1-dog to a 2-dog transmitter?

  • The Easy Educator EZ-900 is an expandable system. To change the remote functionality, follow these steps.

1. Rotate the intensity dial to "0". Make sure the remote is unlocked.

2. Press the ON/OFF, S3, and S4 buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.

3. Three (3) short beeps will confirm the change.

4. To verify, check the LCD. The 2D icon will appear if the change was done successfully.

To turn back to a 1-dog system, press ON/OFF + S1 + S2 for 5 seconds.

How to change the Easy Educator EZ-900 stimulation levels on the 2-dog transmitter?

  • Once the remote is on 2-dog mode, the LCD will show flashing 1D and 2D icons. To adjust the stimulation level, rotate the stimulation level knob. When you have the desired level displayed, press the "P" button and the S3 button until 1D becomes solid.
  • To adjust the stimulation for the second collar, rotate the stimulation level knob to the desired level again. Then press the "P" button and the S4 button until 2D becomes solid.

How do you sync the receiver collar to the transmitter remote of your EZ-900 Easy Educator e collar?

  • Whether you're pairing and syncing the receiver collar for the first time or replacing the collar, the steps are the same.

1. Turn on the transmitter.

2. Turn the intensity dial to "0".

3. Turn the collar receiver off.

4. Put the red dot on the receiver against the red dot of the transmitter for 5 seconds or until the solid green light starts blinking rapidly.

5. Press the ON/OFF button and the S3 button simultaneously.

6. Listen for the confirmation sound.

7. Test to see if the pairing worked.

How do you add another collar to the EZ-900 Easy Educator?

  • To pair or sync a second receiver collar, press the "P" button and the S4 button on the remote until 2D starts flashing on the LCD screen. This indicates the device has been unlocked. Turn the intensity dial down to "0". Now hold the red dot on the remote against the red dot on the second collar. Hold for 5 seconds or until the green light starts flashing rapidly. Then press the ON/OFF + S4 to pair. Adjust the intensity level as desired and lock by pressing "P" + S4 again until the 2D icon is solid once again.

How can you replace the Educator collar contact points?

  • Using the included contact point tool, loosen the contact points by rotating counter-clockwise. Install the replacement prongs and tighten them by turning clockwise.

More Questions and Answers

Does the Easy Educator EZ-900 have any safety features?

  • Yes. The Easy Educator EZ-900 remote dog training e-collar comes with a "Lock and Set" feature to ensure you don't change stimulation levels unknowingly. This feature is in place to prevent accidental over-stimulation of your pet.

Why can't I get the full range on my e-collar?

  • The 1/2-mile range is more than enough for most dog training. However, the actual range may vary according to terrain, weather conditions, foliage, power lines, and radio transmissions from other devices. For best results, hold the transmitter away from your body. Please do not touch the antenna as it will significantly reduce range.

What does 1D mean on the EZ Educator?

  • 1D indicates that the device stimulation is ready for adjustment. Solid 1D means that the stimulation is locked, while a blinking 1D icon denotes an unlocked remote.

Is the EZ Educator expandable?

  • Yes, with the purchase of additional collars. Please see the expansion and pairing instructions above.

Does the EZ-900 Easy Educator come with a warranty?

  • Yes. The Easy Educator remote trainer comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

How to register your Educator collar for warranty?

  • Go to the "Products" section of the E-Collar Technologies website. Click the "Register Your E-Collar Products" tab. Complete the form.
  • Alternatively, you can fill out the warranty registration card and mail or fax it to E-Collar Technologies.

For more information on using your Easy Educator EZ-900 remote training collar, please check the user EZ Educator 900 manual.

Looking for a different Educator collar? Want to know how the EZ Educator compares to the Boss Educator ET-800 or the Pro Educator PE-900? Find what you need through the handy buying guide.



  • It’s my understanding that the EZ-900 allows adjustments to tone and vibration. Where can I find information on this feature?

    - Bertrand

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