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ET-400 vs K9-400: Which E-Collar Is Right for You?

ET-400 vs K9-400: Which E-Collar Is Right for You?

If you're familiar with remote training e-collars, chances are you've come across the renowned brand E-Collar Technologies. Their e-collars are highly sought-after by numerous dog trainers and owners in the USA. It's no surprise, considering their top-tier and humane e-collar line.

What Is an E Collar for Dogs?

Mini Educator ET-300 Remote Dog Training Collar Yellow by E-Collar Technologies

An e collar is a training device that delivers mild electric stimulation to communicate with dogs. It consists of a handheld remote and a collar receiver that the dog wears around their neck.

Despite the term "electric stimulation," it's essential to understand that the sensation it delivers isn't painful. Instead, it serves as a gentle nudge, catching your dog's attention without causing harm or discomfort. When utilized correctly, e-collars offer an effective approach to dog training, often combined with positive reinforcement.

Who Is E-Collar Technologies?

E-Collar Technologies Logo

E-Collar Technologies, formerly Educator Collars, is known for making high-quality dog training collars that deliver remarkable results. Based in Garrett, Indiana, all their products are fully assembled and tested in the United States.

In this article, we’ll compare two popular e collar models the Educator ET-400 and the K9 Handler K9-400.

Educator ET-400 vs. K9 Handler K9-400

Despite belonging to the same Educator 400 series, the ET-400 and K9-400 cater to distinct training needs. The ET-400 is perfect for training your furry friend at home or in the yard. On the other hand, the K9-400 is tailor-made for the big-league – working dogs like police or service dogs.

Now, talking about the price, there's a slight difference. The K9-400 comes at a slightly higher price than the ET-400, marked at $249.99 compared to the ET-400's $219.99.

That's just the start! Let's dig a bit deeper into these models and see what other unique features they each bring to the table.

Comparison Table Between the ET-400 and K9-400

Feature #1: Range

The cool thing about e-collars is the freedom they give your dog can go off-leash while you keep control. It’s like having a virtual leash that lets you call your dog back from a distance.

The Educator ET-400 and the K9-400 e-collars have an impressive range of up to 3/4 mile. That's way more ground than the famous ET-300 Mini Educator, perfect for large outdoor spaces like fields or parks.

A Golden Retriever with an E-Collar Beside the ET-400 and K9-400 Transmitters Showing Respective Ranges

Feature #2: Stimulation

The ET-400 and K9-400 e-collars offer various options for customizing your dog's training. Think of a scale from 1 to 100, where you can pick the level of stimulation that suits your dog best.

These collars also offer multiple training options, such as static, Pavlovian tone, and vibration, catering to your dog’s personality. This lets you fine-tune the training settings according to your dog's needs, ensuring a customized training approach.

Black Dog Wearing an E-Collar Beside a Hand Holding a Remote

Feature #3: Dog Size

When considering the dog size, note that the ET-400 fits dogs as small as 8 pounds. Meanwhile, the K9-400 tactical e-collar suits those starting from 10 pounds and larger. Selecting the right e-collar is crucial to ensure your dog finds it comfortable to wear, without it being too heavy.

Rottweiler and French Bulldog Wearing Yellow Raincoat in Green Background

Feature #4: Dog Strap

When it comes to comfort, the K9-400 stands out as a clear winner. This remote dog training collar features a high-quality biothane bungee strap that significantly enhances your dog's comfort. The elasticity of the bungee strap minimizes pressure points, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable wear.

Moreover, the Educator K9 Handler e-collar comes in two length options – 33 inches and 37 inches – to accommodate dogs of different sizes and breeds.

Biothane Bungee Collar Strap of K9-400

Feature #5: Transmitter Design

Both the ET-400 and K9-400 e-collars have the distinctive stopwatch-style transmitter design characteristic of the Educator brand. This ergonomic design ensures comfortable and secure handling during training sessions.

Despite sharing this defining feature, they differ in their aesthetic appeal. The ET-400 distinguishes itself with a vibrant yellow finish, while the K9-400 has a sleek black look. Beyond color variation, the design and functionality of the transmitters remain largely similar between these two ecollar models.

ET-400 and K9-400 Educator Transmitter Comparison

Other Similar Features

Both Educator collar models are equipped with Lock and Set Technology, a safety feature preventing accidental level changes during training sessions. Not only are they waterproof and rechargeable, but they also offer expandability to facilitate training for two dogs at once. This flexibility suits homes with more pets or trainers working with multiple dogs.

The Educator ET-400 Remote Training Collar

Educator ET-400 Remote Dog Training Collar Yellow by E-Collar Technologies

Complete Features:

  • 3/4 Mile Range
  • 1-100 User-Selectable Levels of Static Stimulation
  • 1-60 Levels Additional Boost
  • Non-Stimulating Vibration
  • Pavlovian Tone
  • Lock and Set Technology
  • Ergonomic "Stopwatch-Design" Transmitter
  • Lost Transmitter Mode
  • High-Quality Biothane Collar
  • Waterproof Floating Remote Transmitter
  • Collar Receiver Light (for locating your dog at night)
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery (2-Hour Rapid Charge)
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Expandable to 2-Dog System
  • For Dogs 8 Pounds and Larger

The K9-400 K9 Handler Remote Training Collar

K9 Handler K9-400 B33 Remote Dog Training Collar Black by E-Collar Technologies

Complete Features:

  • 3/4-Mile Range
  • 1-100 Levels of Wide Pulse Static Stimulation
  • 1-60 Levels Additional Boost
  • Non-Stimulating Vibration
  • Pavlovian Tone
  • Lock and Set Technology
  • Waterproof Transmitter and Receiver
  • Ergonomic "Stopwatch-Style" Transmitter
  • LCD Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • High-Quality Biothane Bungee Collar
  • Collar Receiver Light
  • Quick Charge Lithium-Polymer Battery
  • Expandable to 2-Dog System
  • For Dogs 10 Pounds and Larger


Considering your specific training needs, the ET-400 suits home or yard training perfectly, while the K9-400 caters to the needs of working dogs.

While the K9-400 comes with a slightly higher price tag, its features and functionality justify the cost of tactical training. Meanwhile, the ET-400, a more budget-friendly option, remains ideal for standard domestic training scenarios.

Both models share essential features like range, stimulation power, and the lock and set function. So, the choice boils down to your training scenario, dog size, budget, and preference.

E-Collar Training Tips

  • Safety first: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the e-collar's use. Ensure it's properly charged, and check your dog's neck regularly to prevent any irritation or discomfort.
  • Start slow: Introduce the e-collar gradually. Begin with the lowest settings to familiarize your dog with the sensation and associate it with commands they already know.
  • Pair with positive reinforcement: Use the e-collar in conjunction with positive reinforcement techniques. Reward desired behaviors to create positive associations.
  • Consistency is key: Be consistent with your commands and collar use. Ensure everyone involved in the training uses the same commands and methods.
  • Regular practice sessions: Keep training sessions short but frequent. Regular practice ensures your dog retains what they've learned.
Remember, every dog is unique, so adjust your training methods to suit your dog's temperament and needs. If unsure, consider consulting a professional dog trainer for guidance.


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