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Best Exercises for Your Siberian Husky

Best Exercises for Your Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky was originally bred to pull sleighs. They are some of the quickest and lightest dogs explicitly created for this work.

Because Huskies are working dogs, they require many energy-burning activities daily. They are a very active, high-energy breed and can become destructive if they don't get the necessary exercise to release their stored energy.


Why is Exercise Needed for Siberian Huskies?

Three Siberian Huskies Waiting Outdoors

Siberian Huskies must be physically active if you want to care for their well-being. Your dog will benefit from exercise in many ways, including reduced behavioral issues, less risk of obesity, and strengthen muscles and cardiovascular system.

Benefits of Exercise for Siberian Husky

  • Reduces risk of obesity and associated health risks
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Increases agility
  • Improves the efficiency of their digestive system
  • Keeps hyperactivity and destructive behaviors under control
  • Strengthens the bond between you and your dog
  • Increases socialization with people and other dogs 

Can You Over-Exercise a Siberian Husky?

White and Gray Siberian Husky Lying Down

Huskies can go hard and fast, not knowing when to stop. With any dog, it is possible to over-exercise them, especially in hot weather. If over-exercised, they may resist exercise or experience mobility problems, anxiety, fatigue, or lethargy.

The number of calories burnt while exercising is essential to remember. You must adjust the Husky's diet in line with their exercise schedule. Be mindful of the heat and ensure your dog is always well-hydrated to avoid exhaustion. Issues with energy and stamina may arise if you go too far with physical activities.

How Much Exercise Does a Siberian Husky Need?

A Husky needs at least two hours of intense exercise every day. Ideally, this is divided into two separate sessions: one in the morning and one in the evening.

Puppy (0-12 Months)

Puppies should only be exercised for 5 minutes a day, divided by their age in months. For example, at 4 months, they will get 20 minutes a day; at 5 months, they will get 25 minutes a day; and so on, until they are around a year old when they can start exercising like adults.

Adult (1-7 Years)

The American Kennel Club suggests that huskies get at least two hours of exercise daily. At the same time, veterinarians usually advise giving them at least one hour. To keep them from getting bored, it is recommended to spread this out throughout the day and vary your walking routes.

Senior (7+ Years)

Even if your dog is considered senior, you should still exercise them for at least 30 minutes daily. Because of their old age, exercise may need to be scaled back. However, it's still important to ensure they receive the essential stimulation. You might want to consider cutting back on the number of daily walks or letting your dog control the pace. Instead of the marathon distance runs they love, try to encourage them to progressively lessen the volume and intensity of their activity with shorter, more frequent walks.


Best Exercises for Siberian Husky

Here are some terrific Husky exercise recommendations.

Siberian Husky Playiong with a Red Frisbee in the Snow

1. Frisbee Toss

A Frisbee involves timing, agility, and coordination. Due to their strength and agility, huskies are excellent at playing frisbee. Compared to chasing a ball on the floor, it stimulates your Husky to leap more.

Frisbee toss is a fantastic energy burner, and your Husky will enjoy playing even in the snow and cold.

Start with throwing the frisbee at your Husky from the ground. Try tossing it a little higher and further after your dog has mastered the game and is ready to move on to the next level. A word of caution though. It might be wise to spend money on a durable frisbee because Huskies are aggressive chewers.


 Siberian Husky Tugging on a Rope Tied to a Tree

2. Tug of War

Your Husky will get plenty of mental and physical activity playing the healthy game of tug of war. This thrilling intensity match brings out the Huskies' competitive playing spirit. It's an excellent method to strengthen the human-dog bond.

For this exercise, a sturdy rope toy is required. Ensure this is controlled. Your pet must only release the rope when you want them to. These games are great workouts and give your Husky a fun outlet for honing their skills.

You may hang the rope from a tree in your yard, where your Husky can jump and tug for as long as they wish. Without you having to do anything, this can keep your pet occupied for a while.


 Black and White Husky Chasing After Flirt Stick

3. Flirt Pole

Huskies love flirt poles, and they are a lot of fun. It improves their muscles and works the entire body. It also uses up their energy, which quickly wears down your dog.

Using a flirt pole enables your dog to exercise their innate hunting instinct. Additionally, it enhances your dog's coordination and might teach him to be calm. A flirt pole workout is a great way to strengthen and tone your muscles.

A flirt pole lures a dog to chase a moving object by acting as a large cat tickler for dogs. As your Husky takes the bait, you move it around the ground in circles or different directions.


Young Husky Puppy Looking at Poles at Agility Course 

4. Agility Training

Both agility exercises and competitions provide the ideal mental and physical stimulus balance. Huskies are inherently quick and light-footed, making them agile canines.

Training for agility puts your Husky's mind and body to the test. This will exert a lot of mental and physical effort on the part of your Husky.

Agility training in the backyard is perfect if you cannot leave the house. You can build your agility or obstacle course or purchase agility equipment in your backyard. Your pet will get a terrific workout from it.

Motivate your Husky to run between the poles, leap, or pursue a toy over a short hurdle. Tasks like the weave, hurdle jumps, tunnels, jumping through hoops, or a platform to jump on and stay on can be included.


Siberian Husky Walking on Beach

5. Walking

Walking is the most convenient method of exercising your Siberian Husky. A walk around the neighborhood or to the dog park is a beautiful place to start.

The daily stroll should ideally last 45 minutes to an hour or more. A Husky needs to go for a walk every day to socialize and let off some pent-up energy. The sights, sounds, and smells they encounter on a routine walk will stimulate their cognition.


Using an E-Collar for a Siberian Husky

Huskies can find it difficult to behave well while walking on a leash. After all, they were bred to pull. However, a pulling Husky might lead to a lot of issues. If they pull you into them, they could hurt your back or neck, become dislodged and lost, or even hurt other individuals.

Even though it may require some patience, your Husky can be trained to stop dragging you along on walks with the help of an e-collar.

PetsTEK's Picks for the Best Shock Collars for a Siberian Husky

Mini Educator ET-300 Remote Training Collar by E-Collar Technologies

1. Mini Educator ET-300 Remote Training Collar by E-Collar Technologies

Some of the most outstanding remote training collars available are Educator shock collars. The Mini Educator ET-300 may be small, but it has a ton of features. This e-collar features a 1-mile range, 1-100 user-selectable wide pulse stimulation settings, and up to 60 levels of added boost. The collar contains an LED light feature for visibility at night, and the compact receiver is water-resistant. It comes in several variants – yellow, black, Zen, and pager-only – so finding the most suitable for your dog’s temperament is easy. The Mini Educator is best for dogs weighing 8 pounds and up.


Easy Educator EZ-900 Remote Dog Training Collar Yellow by E-Collar Technologies

2. Easy Educator EZ-900 Remote Training Collar by E-Collar Technologies

The distinct, round, yellow remote of Educator remote trainers is so popular it's sometimes easy to overlook the powerhouse that it the Easy Educator EZ-900 remote trainer. But it's a mistake not to consider it, especially if you have a bigger and more stubborn breed of dog, like a Siberian Husky. The EZ-900 has a 1/2-mile range. The 100 levels of static stimulation can be set to momentary, momentary boost, continuous, continuous boost, or the patented "InstaStim." There are 7 vibration modes and 4 types of tone with volume control. This fully waterproof e-collar allows excellent customization and is expandable to multiple dogs.


Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

3. Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

Siberian Huskies can be very obstinate canines. Extra power is sometimes necessary for training them. With the Dogtra 1900S remote training e-collar, you have a ¾-mile range, 127 low to high static stimulation levels, and a High-Performance Pager function to assist your dog training needs. You can even use this Dogra shock collar for hunting dog training if you so wish. The 1900S Wetlands is perfect for hunting dogs, while the 1900S Black Edition lets you take your training even further with a 1-mile range.


SportDog SD-425XS FieldTrainer Remote Training Collar

4. SportDog SD-425XS Field Trainer Remote Training Collar

SportDog manufactures some of the best dog hunting collars. The fantastic thing about SportDog shock collars is that they're not only great for hunting dogs but also make very good basic dog training collars. The SportDog 425X e-collar is the smallest and lightest SportDog e collar model. The 425XS has the exact dimensions, with one notable difference. The latter has a medium to high power output to handle even the most stubborn Siberian Huskies. The FieldTrainer collar has 7 training modes, 21 levels of static stimulation, a 500-yard range, and is fully waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet.


Dogtra ARC HANDSFREE Plus Remote Training Collar

5. Dogtra ARC Handsfree Plus Remote Training Collar

The ARC Handsfree Plus expandable dog training system allows customers to control their dogs remotely. With the capacity to add up to 14 squares, it doesn't matter how big the family is. Everyone with a square can quickly access the remote training collar features and get your beloved pet Husky to toe the line. The system also includes a pager vibration and 127 Nick/Constant stimulation settings for precise control. The low to medium power output is ideal for Huskies with shy and normal temperaments.


Dogtra 280C Remote Training Collar

6. Dogtra 280C Remote Training Collar

Shock collars made by Dogtra are known for their reliability and durability. The 280C remote trainer does precisely that. A 1/2-mile range is adequate for basic yard and obedience training and portable for extended adventures. Thanks to its waterproof transmitter and receiver, you can use it in hot, cold, wet, or dry weather.

Huskies are an extremely active breed that requires a lot of activity. A Husky needs more exercise than a short stroll through the park, so you'll need to think outside the box. Luckily, they are a highly clever breed that is social and easy to train. Good luck!



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    I have read your article I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your article The information you provided about the best exercises for Siberian Huskies was very helpful. It’s important to make sure that their workout routine meets their specific needs in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Your detailed guidance on recommended exercises is perfect for this high-energy breed.
    I also have a Husky Dog named “Jake” I have been cradling huskies for 9 years
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  • I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your article The information you provided about the best exercises for Siberian Huskies was very helpful. It’s important to make sure that their workout routine meets their specific needs in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Your detailed guidance on recommended exercises is perfect for this high-energy breed. Thank you so much for sharing these valuable tips

    - Cat Exotica
  • I found your article on the best exercises for Siberian Huskies informative and engaging. Keeping these active dogs happy and healthy is important and your recommendations are spot on. I appreciate the detailed advice for Husky owners.

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