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The ET-300 Mini Educator and ME-300 Micro Educator Comparison Guide

The ET-300 Mini Educator and ME-300 Micro Educator Comparison Guide

In the search for high-quality and humane dog training products, you’ve most likely heard about E-Collar Technologies or the Educator brand. In fact, their ET-300 Mini Educator and ME-300 Micro Educator are popular dog collar models favored by pet owners and dog training professionals.

These two Educator collars are very much alike in terms of equipment design and e-collar features. It's no wonder some people may find it hard to differentiate between the two.

This blog will dive deeper into these two remote training collar systems and identify what sets them apart to help you select the right e-collar.

But First, What Does an E-Collar Do?

An e-collar is a tool used to achieve dog training goals, such as basic obedience, behavior modification, and advanced skills training. It is also called a remote trainer, dog shock collar, or shock collar for dogs.

The Mini Educator Yellow Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar

An e collar system typically comes with these two main components:

  • Remote transmitter - a handheld device that activates the e-collar to send a correction stimulus
  • Receiver collar - a dog collar that receives the signal from the transmitter to deliver feedback to your dog

Why Are E-Collars Controversial?

E-collars are known to emit electric shock, which has led to controversies against their use in dog behavioral conditioning. While there may be some truth to this, recent advancements have made e-collars much safer.

In the mid-1900s, shock collars were created with powerful stimulation that was not adjustable, leading to concerns about the potential harm they could cause dogs. However, modern dog training collars now use lower levels of stimulation that are more humane. They also provide a wide range of correction levels, ensuring that dogs receive enough stimulation without experiencing any pain or stress.

When used appropriately, e-collars are considered safe for dogs. While they still use electric shock, the levels are now much lower and adjustable, greatly reducing the risk of harming pets.

Who Is E-Collar Technologies?

E-Collar Technologies Logo

E-Collar Technologies is a leading manufacturer of dog training collars and is known for its significant innovations in the e-collar industry. Among these innovations is its proprietary "blunt stimulation" technology, which utilizes low-level stimulation that is safe and effective for training dogs. This makes their collars popular among pet owners and dog training professionals.

(For more information, check out the Educator Collar Buying Guide 2023.)

What Is the Difference Between the Mini and Micro Educator?

The ET-300 Yellow, Black, & Zen 300 Variants vs the ME-300 E-Collar

At a glance, the Mini Educator ET-300 and Micro Educator ME-300 look very similar in physical design and appearance. The only striking difference is the color of their remote transmitters. The ET-300 comes with yellow, black, and Zen 300 variants, while the ME-300 has a distinct purple skin.

However, there’s more to that than meets the eye.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two Educator training collars:

Comparison Table Between the ET-300 and ME-300

The Mini Educator vs. The Micro Educator

The ET-300 and ME-300 belong to the Educator dog collar lineup known as the 300 Series. The 300 Series also includes the PG-300 Pager Only remote dog training collar, which provides vibration-only correction with adjustable settings. However, that’s another topic for later.

Comparison #1: Stimulation Power

The Micro Educator has 20% less stimulation power output than the Mini Educator dog collar. What does this mean? Although both Educator collars have 1-100 intensity levels, the ME-300 is designed to give milder stimulation than the ET-300 e collar. This accommodates the smallest dogs that often have softer or more sensitive temperaments.

A Boston Terrier with the ME-300 E-Collar and a Hand Holding the Purple Remote

Comparison #2: Range

Range refers to how far your dog can go off the lead while maintaining the connection between your dog’s collar and remote. If you want your dog to cover a longer distance, the Mini Educator dog collar has a ½-mile range than the Micro’s ⅓ mile. The latter has a slightly reduced range since the tiniest dogs don’t usually need a bigger area for off-leash enjoyment. 

A Golden Retriever with an E-Collar Beside the ET-300 and ME-300 Transmitters Showing Respective Ranges

The Mini and Micro Educators can perform well for backyard training, park walks, and other dog activities that don’t require an extensive range.

Comparison #3: Dog Temperament and Size

The Mini Educator e collar is a breakthrough product that is well-loved by pet owners and dog trainers alike. It’s an excellent collar for dogs 8 pounds and above with mild to normal dispositions. Choose from static stimulation, tapping sensation (vibration), and Pavlovian tone to correct your dog from misbehavior.

A Black Dog Wearing an E-Collar Beside a Hand Holding a Remote

On the other hand, the Micro Educator caters to miniature dogs as small as 5 pounds, great for pets with shy to normal temperaments.

Comparison #4: Remote Transmitter

As mentioned, the ET-300 and ME-300 Educator dog collars come with different transmitter skins. The color variations are needed to avoid confusion between the two Educator training collars. 

The Mini Educator Yellow and Micro Educator Transmitters Side by Side

Also, the Mini Educator e collar allows you to change the remote’s skin color by purchasing a replacement skin set. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for the Micro Educator, although you can get a new purple skin if the original cover wears off.

Another feature of both is their intuitive stopwatch-style remote. This is a distinctive remote transmitter design, unlike other ecollar models with rectangular shapes. A stopwatch remote is round and lighter, fits smaller hands, and permits discreet operation.

Comparison #5: Receiver Collar

With the ME-300 specifically designed for most miniature dogs, it’s only appropriate that its receiver is 20% smaller and lighter than other models.

Here’s a table of comparison between the Micro and Mini Educator e collars:

ME-300 Micro Educator 

ET-300 Mini Educator 

Receiver Collar Size

2.0" x 1.4" x 1.1"

2.45" x 1.53" x 1.46"

Receiver Collar Weight

1.8 oz.

2.4 oz.

LED Indicator Position

Front-facing LED Lights

LED Light located on top

Receiver Orientation

Can be rotated 90 degrees

Only horizontal orientation


The Micro Educator dog collar allows you to adjust the receiver in two different orientations. So, the receiver can be positioned vertically or horizontally, depending on your dog’s neck size and shape.

Comparison #6: Contact Points

The receiver collar issues the stimulation once the signal from the transmitter is detected. And the stimulus is delivered from the collar to your dog through the contact points or prongs.

The Micro Educator has contact points that are 20% closer to one another than the Mini Educator. This is because miniature dog breeds typically have smaller necks, so this ensures the collar is fitted properly.

The Mini Educator vs the Micro Educator Contact Positions

ET-300 Mini Educator Complete Features:

  • 1/2-Mile Range
  • 0-100 User-Selectable Levels of Wide Pulse Stimulation
  • 1-60 Levels Additional Boost
  • Pavlovian Tone and Non-Stimulating Vibration
  • Lock and Set Technology
  • Ergonomic “Stopwatch” Transmitter
  • Small Receiver
  • LCD Screen
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • LED Tracking Light
  • Waterproof Transmitter and Receiver
  • 2-Hour Quick Charge Battery
  • Expandable to 2-Dog System
  • For Dogs 8 Pounds and Larger

ME-300 Micro Educator Complete Features:

  • 1/3-Mile Range
  • 20% Less Stimulation Power
  • 0-100 Levels of Adjustable Static Stimulation
  • 1-60 Levels of Custom Boost
  • Non-Stimulating Vibration and Pavlovian Tone
  • Lock & Set Feature
  • Ergonomic “Stopwatch-Design” Transmitter
  • Rotating, Smaller Receiver
  • LCD Transmitter Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • LED Light Visibility
  • Waterproof Transmitter and Receiver
  • 2-Hour Rapid Charge Battery
  • Expandable to 2-Dog System
  • For Dogs 5 Pounds and Up


Educator shock collars are humane dog training solutions for various breeds with different dispositions. Finding the right e-collar for your pet is essential to achieve dog training success.

The ET-300 Mini Educator and ME-300 Micro Educator are designed with your small and smallest dogs in mind. The Micro Educator e collar is configured to allow more options in fitting smaller dogs below 8 pounds. Any pound larger than that, the Mini Educator e collar should suffice to supplement your training needs.


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