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Dogtra 1900S vs SportDOG SD-425X – Which E Collar Should I Get?

Dogtra 1900S vs SportDOG SD-425X – Which E Collar Should I Get?

Are you eager to get your dog off-leash while outdoors? Is hiking and exploring becoming a far-away dream because you’re scared that your pet will bolt and go astray once outside? Or worse, does your pet have listening and obeying problems even while indoors?

The solution you may be looking for is remote dog training collars. These e-collars utilize static stimulation to correct unwanted behavior. Because “static” also generally means “shock,” many pet owners equate "e collars" to "dog shock collars" and fear that using such a device will be harmful to their beloved canines.

However, the use of remote training collars is hardly so cut and dry. Many professional dog trainers will attest that in many cases, shock collars are not only essential, you can also use them safely and without endangering your dog.


How Does an E Collar Work?

Close Up Image of Dog Wearing Remote Training Collar

How do remote collars work? What are some of the best shock collar choices available for your dog?

A remote training collar set typically includes the following:

  • Handheld Transmitter Remote
  • Collar Receiver
  • A set of probes or prongs (this may or may not be already attached to the receiver)
  • Charger
  • Tester

Remote trainers can have any or all of the following stimulation options:

  • Static (or electric shock)
  • Tone
  • Vibration
  • Spray

Usage is simple – you choose and set the stimulation type and level. Then, with a press of a button, the radio signal is sent from the transmitter to the receiver collar. The stimulus is delivered through the prongs to the dog’s neck. Now you have their attention.


The Best E Collar for Your Dog

When it comes to remote training collars, four brands stand out among the rest: Dogtra, SportDog, E-Collar Technologies, and PetSafe.

For this review, we’re going to take a look at the first two – Dogtra and SportDog. Specifically, we’ll review and compare the most popular model of each brand, namely the Dogtra 1900S and the SportDog SD-425X.


Who is Dogtra?

Dogtra Logo

Dogtra is a member of the Electronic Collar Manufacturers Association (ECMA). They have been manufacturing products geared towards dog training for more than 30 years. Dogtra training collars are very popular among trainers and pet owners alike.

What can you expect from Dogtra remote training collars?

Aesthetically, most of the remote trainers in the Dogtra lineup have slim, curved receivers. While other brands have blockier boxes, Dogtra’s receivers are more contoured to fit a dog’s neck better. They also have various remotes that are ergonomically designed, with checkered grips, and can be comfortably used single-handedly.

Feature-wise, Dogtra trainers are equipped with “Nick” and “Constant” stimulation options that allow for versatility and more control. With stimulation levels usually up to 127, finding the exact level that works best for your dog is easy.

They are also waterproof, mostly expandable, and charges quickly. It should be noted, though, that most Dogtra models do not offer a tone option. Their collars are also suitable for dogs 15 pounds and above only.


Who is SportDog?


SportDog Logo

SportDog has been around for roughly half the time Dogtra is. So, they’re relatively new by comparison. What sets them apart is the core SportDog team is comprised of experienced dog experts, hunters, and trainers. They boast of testing their designs on the field, their products being “Gear the Way You Designed It.” SportDog was the first to design waterproof and expandable e-collars.

Just like Dogtra, SportDog offers static stimulation on their collars. Their transmitter remotes often have a lot of setting to choose from – Continuous, Momentary, Tone, Vibration, Tone with Delay, and many others.

SportDog collars are also expandable and have a good range. However, their actual collar device is bigger and bulkier compared to Dogtra.


Dogtra 1900S vs SportDog SD-425X

Dogta 1900S vs SportDog 425X

As stated above, we will be comparing the two most popular models of Dogtra and SportDog, the 1900S and 425X, respectively.

Here’s a quick summary of each of these models’ features.

  Dogtra 1900S SportDog 425X
Range 1320 Yards 500 Yards
Stimulation Levels 127 21
Rechargeable Battery Yes Yes
Static Stimulation Yes Yes
Vibration Yes Yes
Tone No Yes
LCD Screen Yes No
Waterproof Yes Yes
Expandable Available in 2-Dog System Yes, Up to 3 Dogs
Dog Size 35 lbs and Up 8 lbs and Up
Price $239.99 $179.95


Taking a look at the chart above, we can easily say that the SportDog 425X has the advantage in the fact that it is expandable (up to 3 dogs), can be used for smaller dogs, has the tone option, and is cheaper than Dogtra.

However, the Dogtra 1900S leaves the competition in the dust in terms of range and stimulation levels. And while the 1900S itself is not expandable, it does have a 2-dog version - the 1902S.

So while the 425X allows you to train more dogs (with the purchase of additional collars), the 1900S lets you choose a more precise level of stimulation for your pet. In addition, it can more easily adapt to any pet of any temperament because it has a much more comprehensive stimulation level range.

And speaking of range in terms of distance, the 1900S also covers a broader area. While the 425X’s 500-yard range should be more than enough for use in the backyard or a field, the 1900S may be the better bet if you’re taking your dog outside, say to a dog park or woods.

Both devices are waterproof and have a charging time of 2 hours. They both have a battery indicator.


The Verdict

Both the Dogtra 1900S and the SportDog 425X are great for dog training. Made by reputable companies, you can be sure that both are of good quality with very useful features.

It would be hard to say one is better than the other because it all depends on what you need the collar for. If you’re training multiple dogs, for example, the 425X is the better option. But if you’re looking for comfort both for you and your dog, the 1900S has a more ergonomic and comfortable remote and receiver box. The 425X is more than suitable for basic obedience training in the yard. The 1900S is excellent for basic to intermediate training because of its wider range, and it has more stimulation levels.

So what is the best remote training collar for your dog? Dogtra 1900S vs. SportDog 425X – which one should you buy?

Choose the one that’s best suited for your dog’s training needs.


Check out Dogtra’s full line of remote training collars here.  

Check out SportDog’s range of remote trainers here


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