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7 Best Bark Collars for Large Dogs

7 Best Bark Collars for Large Dogs

Dog owners frequently complain about their pet’s excessive barking. Large dogs, especially, have incredibly loud barks. They also tend to bark often if they are not trained. Barking in and of itself is not a big deal, but when your dog does it repeatedly for an extended period, it may become a major issue.

Your dog barks for various reasons. It can be a simple case of misbehaving to get your attention, or there could be more serious issues at hand, such as an injury or disease. Before jumping to conclusions, you should first try to find the cause. Knowing the reason behind the annoying barking will tell you if training and tools like an e-collar will work or if a trip to the vet is necessary.

6 Noisiest Large Dog Breeds Infographic

Using a No Bark Collar for Nonstop Barking

Provided your dog is healthy, a no bark e-collar can be what you need to put a permanent end to this undesirable behavior!

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying a No Bark Collar for Large Dogs?

Before purchasing an anti-bark collar, do your research. Given the variety of dog bark collars offered on the market, choosing the best collar for your pet might be difficult. To ensure you get the best and most appropriate bark collar for your dog, take into account the features and criteria listed below.

  • Weight of Your Dog

Weight is one of the most, if not the most, important things to consider as a dog owner when choosing the best dog bark collar. Product designs vary based on different dog weights. The typical minimum and maximum weight limits for e collars are 3 and 120 pounds, respectively. For your pet’s safety and health, puppies under 3 pounds should never wear a bark collar. For the best results, consider your dog's actual weight and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Girth of Your Dog’s Neck

The second thing to consider is your dog’s neck circumference. An adult English Bulldog and a Bull Terrier, for example, can both weigh around 50 pounds on average. But the former will have a wider neck circumference.

No bark collars fit similarly to a standard dog e collar. Thus, measuring your dog’s neck will ensure the collar fits well. To check for the right fit, measure the region where the dog's neck and back connect. Then, compare the measurement to the length of the collar.

  • Material

An uncomfortable collar may cause your dog to bark even more than usual due to discomfort. Make sure the collar is made from a breathable material, such as cotton or nylon, or from something soft, like leather, which gets softer with each wear.

  • Adjustable Level of Correction

Dogs have varying tolerance for stimulation. Make sure the bark collar has adjustable correction levels. Another good feature of an anti-bark collar is multiple correction options like vibration and tone on top of the usual static stimulation.

  • False-Trigger Feature

One of the more common issues pet owners have with bark collars is the possible false trigger. That is, the collar may be unable to distinguish between noise and other dogs' barking. For instance, if your dog makes noises while playing with other dogs in the yard, the collar can pick up on those noises and assume that your dog is the source. As a result, the gadget might subject your dog to negative stimulus even when he hasn't done anything. The dog may become perplexed about what he did wrong to warrant the punishment. To avoid this, look for a bark e-collar with a bark control system that nearby barking dogs won't activate.

  • Style

It doesn't necessarily have to be ugly just because it's a practical dog bark collar! In addition to the variety of colors available, there are many other styles to choose from. You can select a collar based on your dog's body type and personality.

  • Your Dog’s Personality

You can customize some bark collar settings to fit your dog's unique personality features. Overcorrection is less likely as a result.

A shy dog may benefit more from vibration correction. In contrast, a stubborn canine may need the stronger stimulus of static. Take note of your dog's personality before you go shopping.

  • Budget

A high-quality bark collar may be expensive, but it will be much more effective and dependable than an e-collar built with lower-quality materials. The bark collar's many features and functions determine its pricing. In general, you will spend more money on a collar the more features it has.

Things to Consider Before Buying a No Bark Collar Infographic

Are No Bark Collars Safe for Large Dogs?

Manufacturers of anti-bark collars like Dogtra, E-Collar Technologies, PetSafe, and SportDog create them for your dog's health and welfare. So yes, used correctly, no bark collars are safe.

Large dog breeds are clever. Most of them are also bred to be natural protectors of their families and territory. As a result, they sometimes bark excessively when they perceive a threat. Unfortunately, this may become an undesirable behavior if they get used to it. You will therefore need to train them to stop. An anti-bark collar is a fantastic aid in teaching your dog how to bark appropriately. 

How Long Does It Take for Your Dog to Learn to Use a Bark Collar?

Every dog learns differently. Some become trained in days, while others require more time. Training your dog to quit barking typically takes six weeks or less. After six weeks, if your dog is still acting unsatisfactory, it is best to speak with a professional dog trainer or look for other ways to get them to stop barking.

Benefits of Using Dog Bark Collars

There are many benefits to using a dog bark collar. Using one teaches your dog to stop the incessant barking. Thus, a bark collar aids in the development of a dog's self-control. It’s a great option if you don't want to disturb the neighbors or your sleep.

PetsTEK’s Picks for the Best Bark Collar for Large Dogs

To help you decide, we have listed our top picks for the best no bark collar for large dog breeds.

  1. Dogtra YS600
Dogtra YS600 No Bark Collar
Dogtra shock collars are some of the best and most reliable in the market. Designed for large dogs, the YS600 No Bark Collar upholds the Dogtra e-collar reputation very well.
The YS600 bark collar is recommended for dogs weighing 16 kg (35 pounds) and up. It is also an excellent collar for stubborn breeds. You can select the right stimulation intensity for your dog from the collar's ten (10) stimulation settings. The YS600 also comes with a high-performance pager.
An accelerometer bark sensor filters outside noise, preventing false corrections. The Dogtra YS600 has sturdy buckles and is waterproof.
  1. SportDOG SBC-R

SportDog SBC-R No Bark Collar

The SportDOG SBC-R is made to reliably and safely end your dog's annoying barking. It has ten (10) stimulation levels and three (3) training modes - temperament learning, progressive correction, and user-selected correction mode. It also has Silent Partner™ Bark Detection Technology that learns your pet’s unique bark and filters all other noise.

  1. E-Collar Technologies BP-504 Barkless Pro

BP-504 Barkless Pro No Bark Collar by E-Collar Technologies

Educator collars are very popular. But not many know they also manufacture a very good anti bark collar.

Quickly and easily adjust the BP-504 Barkless Pro Anti Bark Collar to one of eight (8) levels and choose from three (3) stimulation modes. The remarkable thing about this Educator collar is it has an auto mode, which adjusts the intensity of stimulation according to the volume of your dog’s barking. If you prefer not to use static, the BP-504 also has a tone-only mode.

Most no bark collars just detect actual barking. The BP-504 goes further by being able to detect howling and whining as well because of its three levels of adjustable bark sensitivity. The BP-504 collar, one of the best options for no bark training collars, is waterproof, shockproof, and rechargeable.

  1. SportDOG SBC-10

SportDog SBC-10 No Bark Collar

The SportDOG SBC-10 has two operating modes - progressive correction and user-select. It is simple to use, efficient, and adaptable. Every time your dog barks, the intensity of static stimulation increases, starting at the lowest setting. The collar will return to the lowest level after 30 seconds of silence.

The “user select” mode, in which the correction level is manually selected, is made for high-drive dogs unaffected by lower levels of static stimulation and tend to bark through the initial stages of “progressive correction.”
The SBC-10 only corrects your dog when he barks through Silent Partner bark-detection technology. The collar is also equipped with a rechargeable battery and a 2-hour quick charge, so it is always available. With dependable, regular training, your dog will learn to be quiet when needed.
  1. DogWatch BT-7 No-Bark Trainer

DogWatch BT-7 No Bark Trainer

The DogWatch BT-7 no bark trainer is a collar than can easily handle small to large dog breeds with no issues. It provides just enough vibration or stimulation to divert your dog and stop the cycle of excessive barking. You can choose a setting that is right for your dog from its seven (7) programmable settings, ranging from low to high. This bark collar also has a vibration option.

  1. PetSafe PBC00-16368 Spray Bark Collar

PetSafe Spray Bark Collar

With a burst of spray, the PetSafe PBC00-16386 is intended to reduce bothersome barking and whining. This collar is ideal for a quiet evening at home or a stroll outside. A sensor on the collar is activated by your dog's barking, which causes it to vibrate and generate a burst of spray to halt the undesirable behavior.

To help you choose which spray refill cartridge works best for your dog, the collar comes with citronella and an unscented spray refill cartridge. The collar is rechargeable and doesn't need batteries, and the recyclable refill cartridges may be easily changed without creating a mess.

  1. PetSafe PBC00-15999 Rechargeable Bark Control Collar
PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Control Collar
The PetSafe PBC00-15999 no bark collar is a rechargeable collar with 15 levels of automatically adjusting correction. It listens to your dog’s barks and issues the static correction when needed. Because the collar adjusts by itself, you won’t need to be there all the time to watch over your pet to issue the stimulation. This bark collar does the task for you to focus on other things.

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