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Bark Collar Buying Guide 2023

Bark Collar Buying Guide 2023

Barking is an inherent canine trait. It’s a fact that pet owners should embrace the moment they bring a pup into their home.

However, that’s the general rule, and there’s always an exception. So in what instance should you not tolerate barking?

If the yapping behavior seems to be a regular rowdy show, day and night, it may be time to set the ground rules.

How to Stop Barking Problems

One practical solution to curtail nuisance barking is a bark collar for dogs. There may be one problem, though. The number of no bark collars available can be quite overwhelming. There are plenty of offers, and you don’t know what specific features you should get.

In this blog, we’ll help you narrow down your choices to help you find a dog bark collar.

What is a Bark Collar?

In general, a bark collar is a dog training tool designed to control a dog’s barking behavior. Once barking is detected, the collar worn by the dog will emit a stimulus to interrupt them. Eventually, the dog should be able to associate the stimulus with their barking, making them avoid the behavior in the future.

Bark Collar Features You Should Look For

Bark collars for dogs typically come with the following features:

1. Bark Collar Type

  • Static Bark Collars - These collars deliver a gentle shock once your dog barks. These usually have adjustable levels of stimulation, allowing you to select the perfect level for your dog.
  • Vibration Bark Collars - No bark collars of this type emit a vibrating sensation when your dog starts barking. Some collars offer different levels of vibration.
  • Sound No Bark Collars - This type employs a high-pitched ultrasonic sound, which is inaudible to humans. They don’t commonly have adjustable levels.
  • Spray Bark Collars - This group of anti-barking devices releases a soft spray to distract dogs from barking. The spray is not harmful to pets.

Depending on the product, a bark collar can have a combination of the above types. A mixed-type bark collar allows you to switch settings if needed.

2. Dog Temperament

A large dog with a big personality may need static correction to respond well to the bark collar. Meanwhile, small and sensitive dogs may only require a vibration, tone, or spray to stop barking.

3. Precision

Precision is one of the most crucial factors to watch out for in finding dog bark collars. You have to ensure that the collar only detects your dog’s barking - not other dogs’ woof or surrounding noises. This is important to prevent false corrections and avoid counterproductive results.

4. Dog Weight

This component is equally essential when looking for a bark collar. Some collars are suitable for large dogs, while there are also bark collars for small dogs. This ensures that the barking collar is not too small or too big for your dog.

5. Waterproof Design

You will never know what can happen. Your dog may plunge into the pool, or the rain may get in your way during training. Your dog’s collar should still work fine even after being wet. That’s why you should consider a waterproof barking collar.

Choosing the Best Bark Collar for Your Dog

We’ve gathered some of the best bark collars for dogs from different industry-leading brands:

Dogtra No Bark Collars

  • YS300
  • YS600

SportDOG Bark Collars

  • SBC-8
  • SBC-10
  • SBC-R

PetSafe Bark Collar Collection

  • PBC00-11283 Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar
  • PBC00-12724 Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Control
  • PBC00-12789 Vibration Bark Control Collar
  • PBC00-13925 Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar
  • PBC00-15999 Rechargeable Bark Control Collar
  • PBC00-16368 Rechargeable Spray Bark Collar
  • PBC00-16446 Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar
  • PBC00-16634 Bark Collar

No Bark Collar by E-Collar Technologies

  • BP-504 Barkless Pro Anti Bark Collar

DogWatch Bark Collar

  • BT-7 No-Bark Trainer

Dogtra Bark Collars

Dogtra bark collars are top-notch bark control solutions that can match your dog’s needs and your training preferences.

For instance, the YS300 is a no bark collar ideal for small to medium dogs. Meanwhile, the Dogtra YS600 is made for large and stubborn breeds.

In terms of accuracy, the YS600 dominates. It offers the latest cutting-edge technology with a high-precision Accelerometer Bark Sensor. This accurately filters outside noise to ensure no false corrections to your dog. The collar has 10 correction levels and a vibration option, too.

Dogtra Bark Collar Comparison Table

SportDOG Bark Collars

SportDOG anti-barking collars provide static correction with different programmable training modes:

  • Temperament Learning - The collar delivers correction starting from the lowest level, and the level gradually increases if the barking continues. When your dog starts barking again, the latest correction level is used. The level reduces 30 seconds after your dog stops barking. 
  • Progressive Correction - This mode starts at the lowest setting and increases to the next level each time your dog barks. However, if there’s no barking detected within 30 seconds, the correction resets to the lowest level. 
  • User-Selected - In this mode, you get to set the correction level. The collar issues correction at the level you’ve chosen until your pet stops barking.

The SBC-R has all three programmable modes, giving you many options to curb your dog’s barking. The SBC-10 comes with two options, excluding Temperament Learning. Meanwhile, the SBC-8 has eight levels of Progressive Correction.

SportDog Bark Collar Comparison Table

PetSafe Bark Collars 

PetSafe has many anti-barking collars for dogs. They have it all: static, spray, vibration, and tone. Their bark collar collection is designed to answer your dog’s needs:

  • PBC00-11283 Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar - This is a great choice if you’re looking for a spray anti-barking collar for your small dog. Once your dog barks, the no bark collar will emit a gentle spray to disrupt the barking.
  • PBC00-12789 Vibration Bark Control Collar - This bark collar is designed for sensitive dogs or those with hearing impairment. If your dog barks, the collar issues a vibration. This vibrating bark collar has 10 combinations of vibration correction.
  • PBC00-13925 Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar - This no bark collar uses ultrasonic sound to distract your dog from barking. The sound is not harmful to dogs but irritating enough to stop them from the unwanted behavior.
  • PBC00-15999 Rechargeable Bark Control Collar - Unlike its PetSafe counterparts, this anti-barking device has built-in temperament learning. Starting from the lowest setting, this automatically adjusts the stimulation level as needed. It also comes with rechargeable batteries.
  • PBC00-16368 Rechargeable Spray Bark Collar - This PetSafe spray anti-bark collar has rechargeable batteries that charge for a couple of hours. It comes with 2 spray cartridges, one citronella-scented and one unscented.
  • PBC00-16446 Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar - This model is perfect for small or timid dogs. It features a smaller collar and milder stimulation than the standard version. It also has built-in temperament learning and is rechargeable.
  • PBC00-16634 Bark Collar - This no-bark collar comes with an automatic progressive correction, in which the levels gradually increase as your dog keeps barking. It has a safety timeout feature that auto-shuts off the collar for 3 minutes if your pet barks more than 15 times within 80 seconds.
PetSafe Bark Collar Comparison Table Part 1PetSafe Bark Collar Comparison Table Part 2

Bark Collar by E-Collar Technologies

E-Collar Technologies doesn’t disappoint, even with its single bark collar system. The BP-504 Barkless Pro Anti-Bark Collar is an excellent option if you have a dog with barking and howling issues. It has 9 stimulation levels, recommended for dogs as small as 5 pounds.

 This bark collar allows you to choose the training mode you want: 

  • Auto-Mode - The correction level changes automatically depending on the level of barking.
  • Manual Mode - This gives you the freedom to pre-set the stimulation level.
  • Tone-Only - This mode only delivers an audible correction. 
E-collar Technologies BP-504 Barkless Pro Anti Bark Collar

DogWatch Bark Collar

DogWatch has a BT-7 No-Bark Trainer to offer. It has 7 low to high static correction levels and an additional vibration-only mode. This no bark collar has a unique Bark Forgiveness feature. This means the collar operates with a brief delay of correction after barking is detected. This trains your dog that barking is tolerated but not when it’s too much. This reliable collar works perfectly for dogs as small as 4 pounds.

DogWatch BT-7 No-Bark Trainer

Quick Summary

Bark Collar Buying Guide Flow Chart


No bark collars are viable solutions for your dog’s nonstop barking fit. They’re safe and effective and get the job done without much of your supervision. Finding the right bark collar is a big leap ahead to enjoying peaceful days with your well-behaved dog.


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