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How to Stop Annoying Barking with a Spray Collar

How to Stop Annoying Barking with a Spray Collar

Humans talk, and dogs bark. That is a fact of life. But just as much as you don’t always enjoy a person talking nonstop, incessant barking can drive pet owners crazy. 

Dog barks can vary in pitch from low to high. Sometimes dogs favor howling over barking. Beagles and other hound breeds are especially prone to this. Some breeds are known to yodel, like the Basenji. And because people don’t really talk canine, it can be tough to identify why your pet has suddenly decided to treat the neighborhood to a doggy serenade at 3 in the morning. Suffice it to say, if you wish to keep the peace (or get enough sleep), you need to find a way to stop your dog from constantly barking.

Why Does My Dog Bark?

Five Reasons Why Your Dog Won't Stop Barking Infographic

Before you can correct the unwanted barking, however, you first need to find out why your dog won’t stop barking. Some of the top reasons why dogs bark nonstop includes:

  • Fear – the dog may be anxious or resource-guarding
  • Boredom – dogs left alone for long hours will try to find ways to entertain themselves or ease the feeling of isolation
  • Attention-Getting – your pet may want to play or get your attention
  • Excitement – they could just be very happy about everything and want you (and everyone else) to know
  • Guarding – a hyper-alert dog on guard may bark at animals and other people

Of course, it’s also possible that an underlying health condition is triggering the behavior with your dog. In this case, the best course of action is to consult with a veterinarian.

What You Should Not Do to Stop Unnecessary Barking

It can be very frustrating to have a dog that constantly barks. But try to stay patient and calm. Punishing your dog can make the problem worse. Avoid getting mad and yelling at your pet. Similarly, giving them whatever they want to get them to stop will only show them that barking works, and they’d likely bark even more.

So, what should you do instead?

How to Stop Nonstop Barking

There are several ways to help fix an incessant barking problem.

  1. Provide your dog with something to do. Give them interactive toys to play with if you need to leave your dog for a few hours. This helps ease the feeling of boredom.
  2. Ignore your dog when they bark for attention. Instead, reward them when they are quiet. Or, if you cannot help but acknowledge your pet, then calmly let them know you heard them and that you are alright. Then ask them to settle down in a firm voice.
  3. Exercise your dog. Walking for a few minutes daily can keep a dog fit and happy and has the added benefit of tiring them enough to stop barking.
  4. Train your dog. Dog training helps stimulate mental and physical faculties, allowing them to focus on something other than barking. It also teaches them self-control and relaxation. 

How to Train My Dog to be Quiet on Command

How to Train Your Dog t be Quiet on Command Infographic

Speaking of training, you can try training your dog to be quiet on command. 

  1. Wait for your dog to quiet down after a barking fit.
  2. As soon as your dog stops barking, immediately say, “Quiet! Good dog!” and reward them with a treat. Repeat a few times.
  3. Once your dog starts barking again, say, “Quiet!”
  4. If your dog stops barking within a few seconds, reward them with praise and a treat. Repeat several times.
  5. Repeat step 4, but gradually lessen the time required to stop barking to get a treat.
  6. Finally, once your dog can immediately stop barking with a “Quiet” command, start rewarding only after they can hold the silence for a few seconds. As you go along, you need to lengthen the time between quiet times and rewarding treats.

If training the old-fashioned way doesn’t help, you can opt to get a no bark collar to help.

What is a No Bark Collar?

No bark collars are a type of e-collar or remote training collar. Sometimes called anti-bark collar or simply bark collar, this device is made up of a strap and an attached receiver. Unlike a typical dog shock collar, an anti bark collar does not usually come with a remote transmitter. Instead, the receiver automatically detects the vibration from the bark, and stimulation is triggered. The stim can be in the form of static, vibration, tone, or spray and is meant to distract the dog from barking. Used consistently and correctly, no bark collars train dogs to minimize incessant barking.

Different Types of Bark Collars

No bark receiver collars are equipped with sensors like microphones to sense barking.

  1. Static Stimulation Collar – uses low-level electricity. The receiver has metal prongs or contact points against the dog’s neck. A sensor monitors vocal cord vibrations, and the prongs administer the static.
  2. Tone or Beep Collar – produces an audible tone or beep once a dog starts barking
  3. Ultrasonic Collar – emits a high-pitched sound, usually only detectable by dog ears, to stop excessive barking
  4. Vibration Collar – utilizes vibration instead of static or sound
  5. Spray Collar – barking triggers the collar to emit a mist towards the dog’s mouth and nose. Most spray collars use plant-based citronella or lemon spray, which most dogs find unpleasant.

What is the Best Bark Collar for My Dog?

Each bark collar type has its pros and cons. Some pet owners prefer vibration collars as the more “humane” option. But some canines hate vibration more than static. Similarly, a tone may be less physically disruptive, but there are dogs with an extreme aversion to noise.

It’s also important to note that a no bark collar will not stop all kinds of barking. Bark collars are designed to only sense vocal cord vibrations. If your dog is prone to whining or howling, the sensor will not identify it as a barking sound.

So, what is the best no bark collar for your dog? Only you can answer what will work best for your pet based on their needs and temperament.

In this blog, we’ll focus instead on spray collars and how you can use one to stop annoying barking.

4 Steps to Stop Unwanted Dog Barking with a Spray Collar

Steps to Stop Annoying Barking

Spray bark collars are very effective, as studies prove. Whatever size or breed your pooch may be, spray, especially citronella, is an excellent deterrent to excessive barking. Used correctly, the no bark spray collar will train your dog to decrease and even eliminate the habit of barking unnecessarily. 

  1. Choose when to monitor your dog with the collar when you are home. This helps put your dog at ease while also letting you watch their behavior and reaction to the collar.
  2. Get your dog comfortable with wearing the collar. Do not turn the bark collar on yet. Instead, let your dog get used to having it around their neck first. (For proper ecollar fit, check out our blog.)
  3. Once your dog is used to the collar, turn it on. Let the collar work but keep a close eye on your dog.
  4. Leave. 

E-collar training is effective because it corrects immediately, helping the dog associate the action with the correction faster. With a no-bark collar, you don’t need to constantly look for your dog to bark so you can ask them to stop. The collar will automatically do the work for you and far more effectively and consistently at that. So, as soon as you have observed that your dog is not reacting adversely to the e-collar, by all means, leave them to it and go about your usual routine.

The Best Spray No Bark Collars for Your Dog

Ready for quieter days? Here are PetsTEK’s Picks for the best spray bark collars for your dog.

1. PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar (PBC00-11283)

PetSafe - PBC00-11283 - Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar

Small doesn't always mean quiet. If your tiny pooch is prone to making big noise, the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar may just be what you need. The Perfect Bark sound and vibration sensors listens to your dog's bark and corrects as needed. The ergonomic collar features a quick release buckle for better fit and ease of use.


2. PetSafe Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Control Collar (PBC00-12724)

PetSafe - PBC00-12724 - Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Control

Big dogs can create quite the ruckus when they start barking. The PetSafe Elite Bog Dog Spray lets you correct the incessant barking gently and effectively. Each spray refill can produces between 40 to 50 sprays. The bark control collar also comes with a battery indicator and a spray indicator.


3. PetSafe Spray Bark Collar (PBC00-16368)

PetSafe - PBC00-16368 - Spray Bark Collar

With one (1) level of correction and an automatic shut-off, this PetSafe collar is as straightforward as they come. Charging can conveniently be done via USB and one full charge can last up to 40 hours. Featuring an Advanced Bark Detection Technology, this spray bark collar makes sure accidental sprays won't be a problem.



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