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The Best E Fences for Your Dog

The Best E Fences for Your Dog

Dogs are naturally outgoing. They love the outdoors. Canines adore outings that let them roam around, mark new territory, and mingle with other dogs. Unfortunately, freedom and safety do not always go hand in hand.

No pet owner ever wants to find themselves crying over a lost dog. There are also neighbors to consider. Not everyone may be happy having other animals roaming within their vicinity. These are just some of the reasons why pet containment is important.

How can I keep my dog safely contained?

Containing your dog within your property may not always be easy. This is especially true if you live in an area that does not allow physical fences or where certain requirements are in place to build one.

One great alternative to this is using an e-fence. Electronic fences or e-fences let you set a boundary that keeps your dogs in, while not having to worry about unsightly physical fences and the many rules putting one up entails.

E-fences are easy to install, require low maintenance, and are mostly low in cost.

Wireless vs In-Ground E-Fence

There are two types of e-fences commonly available – in-ground and wireless. What is the difference between the two?

An in-ground e-fence, as the name suggests, is an e-fence that goes under the ground. A typical in-ground fence system comes with a transmitter, an e-collar receiver for the dog, and some fence wire. To set up, the wire is shallowly buried along the property boundary. The transmitter is usually placed indoors. It sends a signal to the wire, which is then triggered when the dog with the remote training collar nears the perimeter. When that happens, stimulation is given to the dog to encourage them to stay within the boundary.

In contrast, a wireless e-fence system does not come with any wires. Instead, the transmitter sends a wireless signal over the coverage area. When the dog with the e collar approaches the edge of the covered perimeter, the stimulation is triggered.

An in-ground e-fence is great for properties with a geometrical or uneven landscape. Because a wireless fence only covers a circular area, it may not reach all corners of the property. However, it is easier to set up as it’s pretty much just plug and go.

PetsTEK Picks for the Best Wireless and In-Ground Fences Today

If you’re in the market for an e-fence, these are some of the best fences you can get.

Dogtra E-Fence 3500 - 40 Acres E-Fence

Dogtra E-Fence 3500 In-Ground Dog Fence System

Dogtra collars are some of the best in the business. But remote training collars aren't all this company is good at.

The E-Fence 3500 marks Dogtra's foray into e-fence and containment systems. It has a maximum coverage of 40 Acres and comes with 8 levels of adjustable stimulation. The set includes a fully waterproof receiver collar, and is expandable. Best for dogs 15 pounds and up.

This in-ground e-fence is easy to install, easy to maintain and it is adjustable. The rechargeable receiver collar will save you money from buying battery replacements.

Made with an advanced radio frequency filtering system that gives more accurate activation, it will ensure that your dog has the freedom to walk and play around without fear of getting lost.

E-Collar Technologies PF-1000 E-Fence Self-Install Kit In-Ground E-Fence

 E-Collar Technologies PF-1000 E-Fence

E-Collar Technologies is known for its Educator collars, like the wildly popular ET-300 Mini Educator. However, the company also has a flagship containment system in the PF-1000.

Suitable for dogs 5 to 200 pounds, the PF-1000 E-Fence by E-Collar Technologies has 30 stimulation levels and over-stimulation prevention. It comes with a waterproof and shockproof collar with an anti-linger feature to save battery life. The system is expandable to 25 acres with additional wire.

The PF-1000 E-Fence kit includes a transmitter, waterproof and shockproof collar, 24-volt power adapter for the transmitter, wall charger, 18-gauge perimeter wire, and training flags. Featuring gradually increasing static stimulation and a tone-only mode perfect for highly sensitive dogs, the PF-1000 is worth every penny and is a worthwhile addition to the Educator line of products.

PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Pet Containment System Wireless E-Fence

PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Pet Containment System

Best for dogs 8 pounds and up. The PIF-300 wireless pet containment system comes with a half-acre of circular coverage, 5 levels of adjustable static correction, and tone-only mode. The set includes a waterproof receiver collar and is expandable to an unlimited number of pets.

With a wireless transmitter and power adapter, an adjustable waterproof receiver collar that has an RFA-67D battery, 50 boundary training flags, and long contact points for long-haired dogs, this wireless fence system is suitable for dogs that enjoy loitering around and exploring the vicinity.

Petsafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Compact Wireless Fence- Wireless E-Fence

PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Compact Wireless E-Fence System

The PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence System is great for dogs 5 pounds and larger. Easy to install and use, it has 3/4 acre of circular coverage, 5 levels of static correction, and tone. Because there’s no wire to bury, this waterproof system is also portable.

The package includes the transmitter with a power adapter, a waterproof receiver with an adjustable collar, a receiver charger, and 50 training flags. If you are traveling a lot with your pet or having a picnic with them, this will help you keep your dogs where you want them to be.

SportDog SDF-100C Rechargeable In-Ground Fence System

SportDOG SDF-100C Rechargeable In-Ground Fence

Ideal for dogs 10 pounds and up. The SDF-100C by SportDog is an in-ground e-fence system. It has 100 acres maximum coverage, 7 levels of static stimulation, tone/vibrate warning, wire break transmitter alarm, waterproof, and anti-lingering feature. It includes a fence transmitter with an adaptor, waterproof collar receiver with charger, 1000 feet of wire, and 100 flags.

SportDog SDF-CT Contain + Train System- 500 Yards In-Ground Fence

SportDOG SDF-CT Contain + Train In-Ground Fence

For dogs 10 pounds and up. The SportDog SDF-CT Contain + Train system is more than just an e-fence. Just like other e-fences, it helps secure your dogs within the set boundary. Unlike other e-fences, the SDF-CT comes with a handheld remote transmitter on top of the containment transmitter. This means you can also train your dogs using the same collar receiver.

The SDF-CT in-ground e-fence system has 100 acres of maximum coverage, 7 levels of static stimulation, low to high stimulation range, and tone or vibrate warning. The system is expandable and waterproof. It comes with 3 modes of operation - containment mode, training mode, and containment and training mode.

The package includes a collar receiver on a 1-inch black strap, containment transmitter, remote transmitter, 1000 feet of 20-gauge wire, and 100 boundary flags.



  • Hello, Penny!

    We recommend the PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence for dogs weighing 5 pounds and above. However, it can only cover up to 105 ft, but you can purchase an additional transmitter to expand coverage. You can reach us at Thank you.

    Check out the product here:

    - PetsTEK Team
  • Hi looking to purchase fencing wireless up to 500 feet.were in a camper and need no more than this this available and pls. Send email,link info pls ty!! 25 lb long legged jack Tsu 1 yr old /17 yo Pomeranian.

    - Penny marler

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