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Train To Sustain Dog Training & Behavior Modification is a company owned and operated by Rodney in Ruskin, Florida.
As an Army veteran, training dogs became a passion when Rodney became a Military Working Dog Handler. Understanding dogs and being able to communicate effectively to them is key. Over the years serving as a K9 Handler, Trainer, and Instructor, Rodney began to learn what works for dogs and humans to live as one comfortably together. Having the experience in different fields of dog training such as Controlled Aggression, Detection, and Obedience training, starting a company of his own became Rodney's goal. Owning his own dog training company, Rodney now has the ability to train dogs for sustainment of behaviors so people and families can enjoy the companionship of their pet best friend with more confidence than ever. 




 Train to Sustain K9


📞 646-416-0660


🗺️ Ruskin, Florida

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