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Jennie Fuller
Owner/ Lead Trainer/ Certified Police K9 Instructor and Professional Obedience Trainer

2005 - Jennie Fuller became a certified Police K9 Instructor and Professional Obedience Trainer. This certificate includes, professional obedience and behavior modification, police patrol, narcotics and explosives detection, man trailing and SAR.
2005 - She personally trained and handled k9 Massima (German Shepherd) for man trailing/SAR.
They completed trailing/tracking/cadaver/ and air scenting at an EMS work shop in Virginia which Jennie attends each year
2005 - became a REDS SAR team member located in Garner.
2005-19 - participates in search parties for missing people and/or dogs
2005 - Jennie personally trained and handled Belgian Malinois, k9 Lester, for narcotics detection.
2005 - became a certified CGC evaluator
2006 - currently Fosters for Independent Animal Rescue
2006 - Bogie, (Boxer/Pit) is a certified CGC that’s currently training for his NW1 title.




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