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Woof of the Customers

I really wanted to go off-leash but wasn’t sure what e-collar to get for my GSD. PetsTEK’s amazing customer service team was able to help me decide what product to get. So far, it’s working great!

Kathryn J.

Dog training wasn’t going very well and a friend recommended using an e-collar. We were worried it will hurt and make things worse for our rescue. Thankfully, PetsTEK was able to explain what the collar does and how it can help. They also gave great suggestions on what collar will fit our dog and be easy to handle for us.

Stanley V.

PetsTEK is a lifesaver. Literally. Our lab is prone to bolting as soon as he’s out the door. We got an e-collar from PetsTEK and it stopped him from running straight into an oncoming car. I was never so happy to have gotten that e-collar than at that moment.

Albert C.

I have wanted a dog for years and finally got one this year. I thought I was prepared but my goodness. He. Won’t. Stop. Barking. It was driving me crazy, not to mention my neighbor. I finally caved and got a SportDog bark collar from PetsTEK. It worked like magic!

Gloria P.

I purchased an e-collar from PetsTEK and after receiving, realized it was the wrong size for our dog. We called and was able to get it exchanged with no fuss, even if it was totally my fault. Great customer service and easy replacements indeed! Thank you, PetsTEK!

Jeremy V.

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